Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Domestic Dad

Domestic Dad

When it comes to clothes washing, I've been spoiled my whole life. When I lived with my parents my Dad always did it. Since I've lived with Emily she's always mainly done it. However, Emily has had quite a hard act to follow as my Dad is quite particular about washing. Whatever he does, he likes to do it properly. I could never understand why he was so bothered about the washing basket being empty! 

It's almost like a switch turned in me recently. I started noticing that in our home, the washing basket is always full & my clean clothes smell like they haven't dried properly! I never like to criticise Emily, but she is much more interested in other things. As the writer Charles-Guillaume Étienne wrote: "On n'est jamais servi si bien que par soi-même." - Translated ''If you want something done right, do it yourself!''
So a couple of months ago, I started doing the washing. I think more out of annoyance at first that I had got home from work & there were unwashed dishes, unwashed clothes & I was about to start making dinner. So I just started doing a load & getting it hung out quickly but so it would dry quickly. Soon enough, the baskets were emptied & I've just kept on top of it. Little & often! We don't have a tumble dryer so it's just well placed airers in the kids' rooms as they are the warmest in the house. 

I know it seems like a really trivial thing, but I think it makes a real difference not having a huge pile of washing to do when you're off & it means we can enjoy our time off together for more worthwhile activities.

Post by Rob. 

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