Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Fashion Family Photo Shoot - Adults Only!

Fashion Family Photo Shoot - Adults Only!

Rob and I took the opportunity today to stop and have a walk around the Cathedral together. Obviously, leading up to Valentine's day it's nice to just show you us. I find that I can go for weeks without thinking about how much I truly love Rob. By this I don't mean ignoring it or not saying I love you; you just get on with each day, cuddle on the sofa, sleep in the same bed and you can just be happy with each other in love. But then it just hits me, how IN love I really am. And it always shocks me. How can I love another and he love me so much? I find it's just jaw dropping and it's a nice reminder of our partnership that was formed before children when we had just us. 
This photo shoot represents just us because that is where our family began.

I wore; Charity shop jumper (yes, I know) its ex-Topshop, Paper Dolls skirt that was just £13.50 via ASOS, Primark handbag, Accesorize bracelet and my H. Pinchbeck watch.

Rob wore; ASOS Oxford shirt and suede Chelsea boots, F&F jumper and H&M blue jeans.


Steal our style;
You can recreate my outfit easily, it's really all about the skirt thats why I have just done a link to that.

These key pieces are great for any wardrobe!

Photo credits to my wonderful sister Gabriella!

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