Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sculpture at Doddington Hall

Sculpture at Doddington Hall

We were lucky enough to be invited to the Sculpture exhibition at Doddington Hall and went this Saturday with kids and pushchair in tow and had a beautiful wander around the grounds to view some spectacular art.

As you walk in to the walled gardens you are greeted with some beautiful pieces of art that help get you warmed up for the spectacular views that Doddington and the sculptors have created.
With the backdrop of the Hall and the ornate metal gates and gravelled paths leading you through to more art, there probably isn't a much better setting in Lincoln for such a lovely display of work.

As a family we went with an open mind, not really expecting to see some of the amazing work we saw.

There were some absolutely stunning pieces that really made me think about what had inspired the artist to create such clever pieces.
I think the kids especially were taken by some pieces. The leaping hare was hugely enjoyed by little Giulietta (nearly one) who just sat watching it sway in the wind. Raphael (3) was actually more taken by the bigger animal structures, the Heard of Deer, Wolves and Foxes, and many more. He also enjoyed walking through the - covered by trees - passage of

After a long wander we made our way up to the beautiful farm shop and had a good peruse at the lovely food inside. We came away with some frozen unbaked croissants, which seems silly from all the gorgeous meats, cheeses and pastas, but as Rob stated, "they are such a faff to make ourselves!" So we will look forward to them for breakfast!

It was such a lovely afternoon, perfect for us as a family, and lovely to be able to have such an artistic walk.

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