Monday, 18 August 2014

Easy On A Monday Morning

Easy On A Monday Morning

I just though I would share a few snipits of our day today.
It was one of those lazy days where I seemed to just spend time mooching around not really doing much but washing clothes. I was itching to make or do something homey but just couldn't decide what.

Etta didn't sleep well as she has a cold so she slept in  and then once up, dressed and fed was happy to just sit with Raph on the sofa watching Doc Mcstuffins! This was a super cute moment though where they were just cuddling and laughing.

A little later I went and attacked the garden a bit. Its looking a bit over grown after a few weeks of not doing anything due to holidays. I cut back my lavender a bit and picked some other nice bits of greenery to pop in a Jam Jar for the coffee table.

Between crawling, playing, washing and watching tv, we found time to have a cup of tea and biscuits, and as I was putting a dvd on, I turned and noticed a little girl on tip toes desperately trying to get a biscuit! What satisfaction when she did!

I was in a very snuggly mood today after a busy weekend. I wore my new Marks and Spencer blue jumper, and some beautiful socks by Millie Mea and slouched around the sofa and floor with the kids.

Then for the kids dinner I made a Fritata style omelet. I did this by lightly frying a few chopped boiled potatoes, mixing 4 eggs, milk and cheese, then threw it all in the pan to cook. Just when the mixture   seemed to be stiff, I placed it under the grill to cook the top.
I then chopped up some tomatoes, cucumber and grapes and made a mini side salad for them to munch on.

The kids did a lot of playing before there bath. The image made me smile though as the digger matched Etta's dress!

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