Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Flavoured Sugar

Flavoured Sugar

I had a go at making my own flavoured sugar today. I decided to try Lavender, as we have loads in the garden. I also made Vanilla sugar using vanilla pods that we gave out as wedding favours 5 years ago.

The lavender I was concerned about as I didn't know which brands of lavender you can eat. After a quick look on the internet I found that most british grown lavender is edible, but breeds like Lavendula Angustifolia and Munstead are the sweetest variety. Depending on what you might have in your garden, you might just want to do a quick internet search.

To make your sugar all you need is sugar, a container, a funnel and your chosen scent.
The sugar can be any you want. Probably what you would use most in baking.

For lavender, I cut the heads and popped some in the bottle before adding the sugar. I then crumbled some of the tiny heads off into a jug before adding my sugar to it.
Then I got a sheet of paper to use as a funnel and poured the mix of sugar and lavender into my bottle.

It was all guess work with the amount of lavender, it all depends of the flavour you want. I used about 6 heads which I broke up and put a further 5 whole in the bottle. 

Once it was in the bottle I then made some nice labels and  and decorated with lace and string.

This would make a beautiful present for someone and is so easy to make!

This same recipe can be used with Vanilla pods and cinnamon sticks. Why not experiment! I have seen herb sugars before and also spiced sugars, so have a go! 

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