Saturday, 30 August 2014

Being a husband - Gifts, time & playing to your strengths

Being a husband - Gifts, time & playing to your strengths

When you marry someone, you sign up for many unknowns in the future & you promise to do many things. How can you know what you are going to able to offer your partner in 30 years? For me, there are lots of areas I think I can impress Emily now & in later life. But I definitely have my floors. Present buying is not a specialist area for me. I don't think this is because I am not thoughtful & I'm not sure if it is because Emily is such a good present giver by comparison, but either way, I don't often get it super right on birthdays & Christmas. Wedding anniversaries however, I've done quite well so far & that is plainly due to 2 things. 
1. Each wedding anniversary has a name, e.g wood, so you are already half way there for a present 
2. I try to play to my strengths, e.g make something!
The second reason is so important in any marriage, especially for a husband. No matter what women think about their choice of partner, they want them to be able to do everything. This is not possible for any human being. We are failures & if we try to kid ourselves we can do everything, God usually puts us flat on our backs! The key to playing to your strengths as a husband is accepting your flaws, but also accepting what you are good at & using it to fill the gaps in your flaws. 
For example, I am quite careful with money (tight), so I will not look for the most expensive gifts for Emily. What I do have is a lot of energy & I am fairly skilled & resourceful, so I would sooner spend the time making something Emily would really like. Instead of buying her clothes for her birthday, I would rather take her shopping so that we can spend time together. Time is one of the most special gifts to give to someone else. You can save someone else's time equally as a gift. Let them stay in bed while you do the pots, washing or get up with the kids. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture to be the most thoughtful of gifts & it doesn't have to be for a special occasion. You are a husband every day, so give gifts, give your time & play to your strengths everyday!

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