Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Pillows Case Camp Beds

Pillow Case Camp Bed

This is the easiest way to make a really personal and comfortable camp bed for the kids. All you need is pillowcases!

For Raphael, age 3 I have used 4 cases as you can use one as a pillow for his head. For Etta, age 1 I have use 3 as she sleeps with no pillow. The joy of this is that you can add pillows as they get bigger.

All you do is place your pillows with all of the openings running down the same side.
Then, pin together the long sides of the pillows.
Sew straight down joining the pillows together.
Stuff with firm pillows, and there you go!

The pillow cases I used were all from Cath Kidston and each are sold separately. I got my pillows from our local Tesco.

These are great as the fold onto themselves so you can put them away easily. 
Perfect for sleepovers, camping, and just relaxing on in front of a film!

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