Friday, 29 August 2014

New Bath Toys

New Bath Toys

I remember as a kid loving having empty bottles for making potions in. These were usually old shampoo bottles that were just left on the side. 
I have always struggled to find good bath toys in the shops. You can get loads of water world kinda things but where do you store them? We have a basket with lots of much smaller things in like water pipes, cups with holes in and boats. After that though, Raph usually just takes in what he wants (within reason). Recently I started emptying out old face products and since giving him a few (clean) bottles in the bath, it is now all he plays with! He loves filling them up and pouring them out. He is constantly seeing how long he has to hold them under water to fill them and then pouring them out over himself or little Etta. He just loves them! 
So, for some free bath toys that I think all kids will love, start saving those empty product bottles!!

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