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Friends To The Rescue

Friends to the rescue

My family decided to go on there summer holidays this week leaving me in charge of our family flower shop and thus working all week. It was lovely to get in and give the place a good clean and sort to my ocd standards!
The only difficulty Rob and I were faced with was childcare. His family were also away so we were left a bit stranded. Luckily, I have some extremely good friends, who all offered their services as step in childminders.

This for me was so comforting, knowing that the kids were going to people who we trusted. And also for the children, seeing people who they would not usually be left with without me there was going to be a new experience.

On Monday, they went to Kate's house, now Kate has 2 children not to dissimilar in age to ours. Kate and I both worked at the same primary school. We have known each other for the last 5-6 years, working together &  then seeing each other outside of that as my life took a different path.
Before we arrived I had explained to Raph where we were going, and he was taking it all in his stride. I don't know if he necessarily remembers people by name all of the time but as soon as we walked in he knew where he was. Straight to the playroom, he was quite happy seeing Freddie and Jemima and Etta crawled, not far behind.
After a quick cup of tea, I left them with a kiss and hoped that they would just be good. I suppose that's what all parents think.
Through the day Kate sent me some great photos. They played, lots, and collected eggs, ate sausages and had ice cream sundaes! When I went to collect them, I knew they must have had a great time due to the amount of toys on the floor. Kate looked as beautiful as ever, as if four children were easy, and we then had an episode of tears from Raph who clearly did not want to leave. I think they had a lovely start to the week.

Day 2 my very good friend Natalie came over to our house. Natalie does not have kids so to save her house from mess and to save me carting bags of toys, she came to our house where the kids would be happy and everything would be there. I have known Natalie since we met at University 9 years ago which seems crazy and makes me feel very old!! We have had a wonderful friendship and have been very involved in each others lives. She is a definite adopted Aunty to our kids!
Raph and Etta both knew who she was as she walked through the door. There was no way Etta was finishing her breakfast because as soon as she saw her she pretty much wanted to play. Raph, as cool as ever was more impressed by the disco ball light Natalie was returning to us. He loves that light but it is rubbish is this summer sunshine!
I asked Nat to take photos as I knew I wanted to blog about the kids' change in routine.
As you can see, she tired them out. Plenty of playing, and eating, resting, and playing some more. Raph will love her forever after she dressed up and played Ninja Turtles with him!
Again, on my return, the kids were just exhausted, and Nat nor I noticed Raph fall asleep on the chair as we prepared their tea.  Another lovely day for our children.

Their third and final day before they went to their grandparents was spent with another University friend Gemma. We have also known each other 9 ish years and we are lucky enough to share the same friendship group. Now the one massive difference between Gemma and all my other friends isn't that she has children but that she has triplets!!! Yep thats right, triplets! I remember when we all found out and I called her, it was just unreal. They are a few months younger than Raph and to this day, I have no idea how she has done it. Alfie, Freddie and Jessie-Mae are just so cute with their similar looks and mass of bouncy curls! It must be hard work, but this did not stop this super mum taking on another 2. Thank you Gemma!!
Raph just bustled on in and as always, the toy box got his full attention. Etta however was a bit move conservative sitting and watching as the triplets ate breakfast. This was definitely going to be a new experience for her. We haven't had a play date in ages, and definitely not since Etta started moving, I knew the kids would love the novelty of a 'baby' though. There were definitely a few scuffles between them as to who could help feed her a bottle! Leaving them was fine, Gemma had her partner James and his parents were going to pop round so there were definitely going to be enough adults. Again Gem sent me loads of pictures of their playful day. I think they both got involved in the mass of Duplo which Etta and Raph both love, went outside and explored the Wendy house, ate, relaxed (with grandpa sleeping in the background) and slept themselves!
I think for Gemma and James, ''what's two more to the brood when you have had 3 all at once!'' They took it in their stride and said it was, 'easy!'.
By the time I collected them and got them home, Raph was fast asleep! Another exhausting play day was had.

What lovely friends I and the children have. They had a great few days, using all sorts off different skills in new situations. What they have been able to experience will only make their childhood happier. They have had such lovely play opportunities and to my friends, I hope that they have brought a little bit of what Rob and I experience from them!

We could not have got through this week without them. Thank you to Kate, Natalie and Gemma for making my life stress free! And thank you for enriching my children's lives with love and playfulness.

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