Thursday, 28 August 2014

Birthday Girl

What a Birthday

It has been such a lovely day today. Giulietta has had a wonderful birthday and has been so lucky.

Our day started off with present and card opening, and as family filtered in for morning coffee, more card and present opening was had.
We got her a pull along dog called Wooster, who came from Ragtales, a brand of soft and charming toys. Her first doll is a Ragtales and they are just so beautiful.
She was dressed in a beautiful Bob and Blossom tutu and striped number tee and just looked so gorgeous. 

After a morning being played with, I went with my youngest brother and mum to Castle Square in Lincoln and went on a Horse Drawn Carriage Ride. It was perfect for a little princess. A lovely historic tour of the uphill area of Lincoln, my mum, brother and myself all learn't things we never knew! Raphael loved it to and was amazed by the horse and the while experience really.
We then wandered down steep hill to Bunty's tea room and had a hugely delicious and filling lunch. Etta and Raph really enjoyed there cream cheese sandwiches! I had a bacon, brie and cranberry baguette, Gabriel had a BLT and my mum had a humous and olive salad. Seriously though, I am still full 6 hours later!

After that my brother and I brought two very sleepy children home!

With more playing and then a fish supper it wasn't long before exhaustion kicked in and both children where in the bath and getting ready for bed.

We have had such a lovely day, and I have captured some beautiful pictures, so for Etta when she is older, looking back at her first birthday will be full of all things girly and magical!

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