Thursday, 14 August 2014

Everyday Essentials In The Life Of The Inman's

Everday Essentials in the life of the Inman's

So it took me a while to compile this list and I have struggled to decide what to put on it,  but I thought I would share with you our everyday essentials. I love seeing the glamorous pictures on the internet of women with stylish magazines, drinks, make up and jewels, displaying how they are their everyday essentials. Ours are somewhat different. 
Here are what we would class as our Everyday Essentials.

Babywipes - these are used for everything. No joke. Everything!

Dummy and blankets - both children enjoy their comforters, they are essential for having to give to them when needed.

Milk - I am obsessed with tea and we have children. Enough said!

Screwdriver - not only is Rob's job an electrician, he pretty much can't get through a day without tweaking something!

Lipbalm - I suppose a staple for me. Got to have super soft lips for all the kissing I have to do. (For my husband and kids that is, incase anyone was mislead by that statement!) 

Nappy bag - again, this carries most of my children's world in it. I do like to change it every so often for a new design. Cath Kidston bags have always seen me through well, from the very beginning of parenting.

Treats - we all need treats. We don't eat badly at all but  through each day we always have something nice. Whether its rich tea biscuits mid morning or a pain au chocolat mid afternoon, we don't go hungry! 

Ginger ale - maybe not an everyday essential, but for Rob as he doesn't really drink at home, its nicer than water, and it makes for a evening treat for him to enjoy watching sport.

Cars - as long as Raph has one of these he can occupy himself for ages. I always try and take one out where ever we are going just so he can play.

Water - a few weeks ago I decided I didn't drink nearly enough so now I always carry a bottle, and usually I have had it in the fridge to cool as it makes it so much more drinkable!

Ipad - unfortunately I always have this on. I do all this blog work on it and everything else from shopping to facebook browsing. I don't let the kids on it though and we only have kids tv shows on it for when we are away. Otherwise, it's one of my daily essentials.

Chewing gum - both Rob and I love it. Fresh breath! Yum!

Flowers - if I am not working with them, I am trying to grow them, and if I am not doing either of them, I am decorating my home with them. I Love them!

So, there is another little insight into our world. The Inman's everyday essentials.

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