Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Birthday Preparations

Birthday Preparations

Today we prepare for our little girls first birthday. It is the last of our summer celebrations, Raphael, myself and Giulietta all are summer babes, so she concludes our birthday's this year.
It is hard to believe she is one already! She is such a beautiful child, inside and out! She really lights up our day. I think it is possibly because her baby chat is so cute and she is not demanding in any way, she makes life easy.

From the moment we brought her home, she has been such a happy child and I can not wait for the years ahead!

What is lovely about birthday's and blogging is that I love being able to share our style and ideas with you. You may have seen Raphael's birthday post and all the decorative detail we used. Part of me purchasing the nice bunting and paper pompoms was so that we can use them through the year to celebrate with. I have got my paper bunting and pompoms from The Last Detail online, and our Balloons came from Party Planet in Lincoln. I also used some lovely letter bunting from Shop 44 in the Bailgate, Lincoln, which really gives another lovely detail. I got out the ribbon garland I made ( see post 'Ribbon Garland') and used my Kew Garden plant pots with the Hydrangea from The Arbour Florist in. I placed a lovely big 'E' letter and a picture of Etta as a new born on the mantel and I have changed the table cloth for a lovely sheet of Cath Kidston Oil Cloth fabric which is lovely and bright for a little girl!

She will not notice any of these details apart from the balloons but it gives us a lovely party atmosphere!

It was hard deciding what presents to buy Etta. Both children always get new clothes from us but I don't really save them for there birthday's, just use as we need. Rob has always hated the thought of opening clothes instead of toys, think the actual quote is from a film or something, so I don't really give them clothes as a present. As we have a lot of the baby/toddler toys from Raph, I have Refused to buy them again in a pink version. She doesn't care! I did think I would get a toy pram but as she is not walking yet, I think I will save that for Christmas. Instead, I have gone for something that I think she and Raph will both like a play with. (Will post tomorrow)!! 

As I have been working and I am out tonight, I asked my sister Ella to bake me a sponge cake! It mean't that all I had to do was decorate it! It is a simple Victoria sponge recipe, and I have used jam and butter cream to decorate!

So here we are, another Birthday!

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