Sunday, 10 August 2014

Rainy Day Spending

Rainy Day Spending

As today's weather was awful we decided to take Raphael out to our local Toys R Us to spend his birthday money. I always remember going as a child and the shear volume of toys used to make me giddy with excitement. I thought Raph would enjoy a good wonder and he sure did. On entering you could just see him getting more and more excited as we went through the maze of aisles. He kept proclaiming "Wow wee" and "Oh my goodness". It was so funny watching him look at something and as quickly as he had seen that one thing, his eyes caught sight of the next amazing thing. Etta and I went off in a trolly and perused the aisles for toy options for Raph, as by this stage he and Rob were off trying out the bikes and sit in cars.

The end result of purchases were Woody and Jessie character toys from Toy Story and also RC the race car from Toy Story which you can attach Woody to. And 4 new diecast characters from the new Planes film. Now the Cars and Planes franchise is quite big in our house, Raphael loves both, we have all the films and a lot of the Cars characters and Planes characters already.

With the new film just out, we plan on taking Raph to see it as his first trip to the cinema (will be blogged about), so I thought it a good idea to get a few of the characters. Rob didn't want to give them all to Raph today though so we are spreading out the cars over the next week so it doesn't seem like too much at once. His behaviour wasn't great today either so we felt we needed a bit of a reward system to help us through the week. 
Anyway, it was great fun watching Raph hand over his money to the cashier, and take his change. He then repeatedly asked. Rob all the way home, "we play daddy?" Which they came home and did, pushing the race car with Woody and Jessie on between each other whilst watching Toy story until dinner time.

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