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Homemade Eucalyptus Wreath

Homemade Eucalyptus Wreath

These are beautiful and smell amazing. If you haven't come across Eucalyptus before its worth popping to your local florist to get some. Its is a beautiful greenery to work with, you can also get trees to grow in your own garden.

To make a fresh Eucalyptus  door wreath you will need a wire base, reel wire, moss and Eucalyptus.

1. Get your wire ring and attach the reel wire to it. Then wrap the wire around in a constant motion making a base for you to put moss on to.

(Sorry for the heart shape, I forgot to photograph the circular one!)

2. I used sheets of moss but you can use moss out of the garden. You just make long sausage shapes and place on top of the base. Then just wrap the wire around the pieces securing them into place. You should not need to cut the wire just keep it going in one motion, and add in more moss as you go.

3. Once the moss is on you will need a large bunch of Euc cut up into small 4inch pieces. Make sure there is enough stem on the bottom and bunch together in groups of 4 or 5 stems.

 4. Your wire should still be attached from wrapping the moss. Now add in your little bunches and tightly wrap the wire over the ends of the stems and round. You might want to go round each bunch twice to make sure the wire is holding it.

5. Move around the wreath adding in little bunches to cover the moss. As you move up, you need to make sure you overlap slightly so the the new pieces hide the stems of the ones before.

6. Voila! This should dry beautifully well, and moving into christmas time, you can give a light covering of silver or glitter spray to give it a beautiful sparkly sheen.

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