Sunday, 22 October 2017

Finding The Pumpkin Patch

It was actually only a few posts ago that I mentioned Doddington Hall and my trip I took there to go to find autumn. Even though I only posted about it a few days ago it was actually a week since I had been there, but today we ended up back there as last night I noticed that the Pumpkin Patch opened today and I knew we would be that side of the city, so we made sure to call in.
This was our first ever visit to a pumpkin patch so we were all quite pleased about the experience. 
Doddington hall is a lovely place to go for some time out of the city. So easy and very much a pillar of the local community. The car park was full when we got there and there were lots of families around all heading out to visit the patch and make some memories. 
Our kids were so excited, I knew they would love it but as we walked round the walled gardens, compost piles and through the land workers' area and we came to a field full of bright orange balls, all there ready were people inspecting them finding the right ones to have at home for the next week or so. 
For me, it was all very Disney-esque; it was picture perfect and all the pumpkins just had me thinking about Cinders and her Fairy Godmother, it was a very Bippity Boppity Boo moment indeed. Plenty of pumpkins that would have made fine carriages were being wheeled out in barrows and taken to people's cars. Our kids' choices were much more minimal, Raph going for one he could easily carry and Etta opting for the sweetest one she could find {in size that is}. 
All in all the children were happy with their choices and we left for a walk round the garden, pumpkins in tow. 
It was a beautiful morning, a low Autumn sun and the winds from all these storms blew about not causing too much mischief. It was great, just easy and I think we were the only ones taking a stroll at that time, no one else apart from a few ladies making what looked to be wedding flowers for the venue on site from Catkin flowers, very picturesque and pretty perfect for a Saturday. 

The patch is open now until the 30th from 10am - 3.30pm or untill stocks last! Visit the WEBSITE for more details.


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  1. Ah Doddington Hall! We live just around the corner from there, and it's such a lovely place to visit. I may try get to the pumpkin patch this weekend! Looks fab! And your photos are gorgeous as ever x


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