Friday, 20 October 2017

My Brick Dust

When we came up with our blog name it was very much a joint thing. Early blog days revolved around a lot of making things, it wasn't long after we had finished our extension and we felt we had a lot to share. Fashion always featured in my very old "weekly catwalk" posts but there was a heavy mix on makes, bakes and things we did. 
Brick Dust and glitter was very much about our two parts. What we bring to the table and what we were each going to bring to the blog. He was the Brick Dust and I was the glitter. That was how we worked. Very traditionally almost, with Rob doing the dirty stuff and me making it look pretty. 
It was very much a name that suited the style and in recent times I have worried I had moved the blog away from that. And because Rob's posts are few and far between due to his working life I knew that our name was maybe not being fulfilled in the same way anymore. But that all said, this blog does not work without Rob. Not one post goes out without him reading it and in a way, that is his writing time; he spends it supporting my work. He obviously is also the only one who can work a screwdriver. He makes everything, all the furniture I take pictures of, made by him. And tonight, as I was out at my Mum's having an after school party he was gone converting our traditional double bed into a Scandi-inspired piece that he knew I would love. I want all straight lines you see so our second-hand pine traditional curved bed was just not going to work. He totally transformed it to suit our new bedroom style which I had spent the last few days doing and it just screamed to me that he is just the Brick Dust to my Glitter. He is the one who makes all my ideas possible, the guy who gets me the ladders so I can reach the corners (even though I could get them myself) but he is the one I need to make me, me. The blog still works as us two, just maybe in a different way than before, and Rob will always be my Brick Dust, my one who makes my ideas possible and the one who does the dirty, dusty work so that I can make it all glittery! X
(And yes, I also proof read this one; with a blush to my cheeks!)


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