Monday, 23 October 2017

Dress To Impress {VELVET}

October is a great season to start buying party wear inspired clothes. It starts to filter into stores, you know, a few more sparkly pieces or indeed rich colours or longer length dresses all beginning to point towards party season. This A/W though there is one rich fabric which is everywhere, and that is velvet. Velvet has always been a funny one for me. I often compare it to velour and think of velour tracksuits which are not usually a style I would go for so when I saw it appearing lots I was a bit panicked by it and thought that it was probably going to cling to me in all the wrong places. 
It was this red skirt from M&S though that changed all my preconceptions. It was just there in our little Lincoln store looking all seasonal and lovely and as it was pleated. I thought that it was simply going to have to suit me because pleated skirts look great on everyone. I could have easily bought the gold or navy one as well but as red is definitely my colour of the season it was this one that spoke to me the most. Pulling it on in the changing rooms I knew that it was going to be a great skirt to wear over autumn and into winter especially for the Christmas season. Such a gorgeous shade and one that just looked so luxurious in the velvet fabric. Sold. Easily. and I have found that it is a skirt I can wear with baggy knits or with sleeker fitted jumpers and jackets for a rocker chic look instead. I love it. Just bold enough for me and it looks great with Vans or heeled ankle boots, which are all I wear at the moment anyway, so wins all round!
I wanted to share these images to give you a bit of inspiration. Have you caught the velvet bug?



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