Tuesday, 17 October 2017

A little trip to Newark. {Love Local}

Newark and is a local town close to Lincoln. By car from here it is about a 30 minute drive, probably less really but Lincoln Central train station has regular trains over there so we decided to go out without a car for the day. It was a big ask for our kids and really, for us as parents. Cars bring such security; being able to instantly get out of a situation or in fact change plans, your own transport makes that easy but we were up for the challenge and headed out with our two on the mile long walk to the train station. The usual ensued, weird walking, then leaping, in fact performing every maneuver they could to waste energy, much to mine and Rob's pleadings to not. But we made it down without a carry. Are children have been on a train twice in their lifetime, we drive everywhere, and we never have little trips like this that would be part of a day out. Excitement was running high and for me I knew the trip to Newark well so was totally comfortable with what was happening. I must say at this point, I knew the train trip to Newark well as this is the route to London for us, but Newark itself, I had no idea about. We caught the train to Newark Castle station (there are two) as you simply cross over the road and a bridge and you are at the Castle gardens. I wanted as little walking as possible knowing that we would indeed be on our feet for a lot of the day. But actually as Newark is relatively small, getting into Castle station or North gate would have been fine. Our first stop was the Castle gardens which are the ruins of the old city castle. It is very ruined, no entry fee as there is not a lot left or really anything you could really historically see here but it is a beautiful backdrop by the river and so very picturesque. The kids could run about and it was a great place to start our little tour. We then headed into town where there was a busy Saturday market. I haven't been to a proper market in years and it was refreshing to see the stalls of vegetables. We didn't know where we were heading particularly but just wondered until I caught a glimpse of a church. Having always been drawn to churches I suggested to Rob we had a look. I was massive so I felt it was something of great importance. The Church of St Mary Magdalene was a beautiful, grade one listed church. There appeared to be music lessons on while we were there, or a small recital of some kind but as you walked around there were such beautiful features; a church that was actually well equipped for visitors. There were a couple of children's quiet play corners which then took our kids' attention for some time and a full little coffee shop which we didn't go to as we had spied a place in the town we wanted to try. One thing that was very apparent with the church and that I have later found out is that Newark has a strong affiliation with war time. It seems (and I am not educated in this at all) that it has been part of many platoons and it is the Newark and Sherwood district that appears to have had great involvement in the civil war. This is documented a lot in this church and then in a stand alone museum in the city. We felt this wasn't of interest to our kids at this age but could easily go back when the time was right.
Rob had seen a Secret Garden cafe on the walk into town and after a quick Trip Advisor search found that this came highly recommended. This place didn't disappoint. A family run cafe, behind a shop which could very easily be seen but was wonderful. Sandwiches and cakes were on the menu and wonderfully friendly service with a big smile. They were so pleased we had found them and we were equally.
They directed us to a local park and as we headed back over the river we detoured slightly to walk down it with the castle ruins on the bank of the opposite side. It was beautiful, the route was empty, the sun was low and the kids were just enjoying being somewhere different. We walked to a really good park that was just across the road from the train station and then played their until it was time to go. Our kids love the park so really we just went to Newark to find a different one. It was totally worth it though, just being somewhere different changes it all for them. The fact that we went on a train was what was exciting and I suppose it was the simplicity of the trip that made it so enjoyable. When we got back to Lincoln we headed over to the bus station as we knew by then the kids were not going to be walking the mile back home in a jolly mood. The bus just finished the day off perfectly. It was quiet with a few old people who very much enjoyed our children's excitement, and as the bus pulled up to our stop I saw a lady smiling at the kids as they rushed down the aisle most impressed that they had stopped the bus. 
Our trip was easy and as innocent as they come, no thrills, just a simple day somewhere different, but the travel change made it so much more exciting and even though the kids probably thought the park was the best bit (it is all they talk about from the day) I know the whole trip was something special.


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