Friday, 13 October 2017

Autumnal Home Flowers

It will be no secret, if you have been following me for a long time, that having flowers at home is a regular thing. I don't post about it as much as I used to because I suppose it just became a bit normal and in a way, I do have less than I used to. Since leaving work in the family flower shop I definitely don't pick up as many blooms as I used to as they are not to hand in the same way. That said, today I had to organise church flowers so instead of going and picking up the flowers and driving them to different places to make, I decided to stay in the shop with my mum and sister {who were preparing for a wedding} and made the flowers there. It was so nice being back at the shop; it has such a nice vibe but I guess it is the first time in years that my mum, sister and I have stood making flowers together. I didn't point it out but just noticed how much I enjoyed it. The shop was full of flowers because of some weddings, so being stood in there was a pretty perfect thing, as I am sure you can imagine and once the church flowers were made, I packed them up and took a few extra stems home for me. 
This evening {Friday} most people would have pencilled in parties and drinking sessions but for me Friday is one of my favourite days to be home. The kids had their harvest festival at school which I really love and Rob made homemade fish and chips {served of newspaper} and we have sat and watch Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest, as I have pottered and prepared the extra flowers brought home.
I went for a very autumnal purple as I have really been enjoying having purple with some of our grey vases. Because of that I specifically chose some shades that would suit white, grey and gold as that was the vases I had. I have spent years growing my vase collection and am so happy with all the shapes I have sourced, and the different colours. All much of the same though as I like putting them all out together. 
With my purple selection of roses, antherium, gorgeous brassicas and my white wax flowers and pink lizzy, the collection of shades just made such a pretty view I wanted to share. I also got some white, real pumpkins and as this was my first "Halloween-esque" salute to the season, I was actually pretty excited about how it all came out. 
Last year I started having a lot less fresh flowers over the winter as after the installation of our fire they just didn't live long as it was so warm. I don't mind sacrificing flowers for warmth though but as it is still so mild and we aren't lighting the fire everyday yet, this little splurge is a welcome treat for our home.


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