Thursday, 19 October 2017

Seeking Autumn at Doddington Hall. {Love Local}

I think as the season comes round and I am enjoying just wandering and seeing what aspects I can see coming out. I went on a photo walk of Lincoln last week and wrote a blog post but just haven't got it up yet. We had a trip to a local town which equally hasn't made it to the blog yet but other thoughts keep popping into my head and they end up jumping the queue.
This week it has gone cold though and today I was wearing tights, boots and an aptly coloured suede skirt so I thought I would head to a local farm shop as it is harvest time after all and I knew they would have produce that reflected that.
As expected, their two big crates of pumpkins stood proudly at the doorway making everyone quite aware just how autumnal it is. Seasonally, this veg is ready to be picked but also it is nearly time for Halloween pumpkin carving time.
With a backdrop of their usual fruit and veg and a collection of flowers ready to take away from their in house florist, Doddington was as busy as I had expected it to be {I got their last table in the cafe}. I think what is nice about Doddington Hall is that it has become a real pillar of the locality. Going to Doddington is a must for most people and everyone has a seasonal reason. I think one of their more famous is visiting the Bauble Barn which I have done most years and in fact, to my surprise, chasing autumn today actually turned a bit into chasing Christmas! The bauble barn is already full and open and the Doddington home shop is full of sparkly trinkets. I didn't make any purchases {bar a hot chocolate} but it was so nice just wandering without tugging from little hands. Also it was quiet and peaceful and I could just look, think and well, waste a bit of time really. That is something that has come with both kids going to school, just having an easy opportunity to go somewhere. 
With the walking around came opportunity to find nice picturesque views; the walled barns, the large fields, the hall itself. With an autumnal mist covering some of it. Today was a great day just to see it and enjoy that seeking feeling I had been having as I had pottered round Lincoln. 


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