Friday, 6 October 2017

The Simplicity of Cashmere {FT BODEN}

I know I have definitely written about this subject before; how I am investing more and more into cashmere products over any other material. As each year passes I add a different shade of jumper to the collection and I now have a beautiful selection where I would wear at least 2 a week {even over summer}. I learned from my mother quite a while ago that cashmere is one of those things that you will learn to invest in. Whether it's jumpers, wraps or socks, they are {nearly} always worth the price tag. I think since I started filtering them into my wardrobe 2 years ago I have learned that they are the best jumpers to own and soon I will be receiving a scarf as a belated birthday present from my parents {just haven't found the one yet} and am hoping that is the only scarf I will want to wear for years to come! It is one of those fabrics that is just pure luxury; look after it and it will look after you.
As the seasons change, jumper season gets ever closer and as it is one of my absolute favourite months I simply cannot wait for the layers to start coming out. 
One thing I really enjoy with cashmere is that it sits so well under most things. There is something about that softness that you simply can't find in a lot of jumpers. Cashmere has this mind of its own and just sits how it sits. For me they are becoming an absolute essential and there is no getting away from the luxurious quality that they offer. When it comes to wearing them, well anyone can. They are so simple and you find that you will develop a way to wear them. For me, I get them a few sizes bigger so that they sit very roomy. I like that, not a fitted look, just nice and baggy. I am wearing these BODEN ones at the minute and am finding them so comfortable. Also, they are incredibly warm and as a layer they are a great transitional piece for right now with nothing underneath.
As they are a super soft fabric I love the super soft colours. The GREY and SOFT PINK are two great colours which complement quite a few different looks. As you can see, styling the pink alongside your autumnal caramels works really well. I love this shade of grey also and it is so easy to make it smart/casual with some black trousers and a rich suede jacket.

Outfit one: JUMPER / BELT / SHOES

* Boden gifted me their items.

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