Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Fluffy Rugs & Layering. {FT. Wayfair}

I wouldn't say I was every particularly, a rug person. I mean, we have had 2 in our lifetime of this house; one in the children's bedroom and one that was in the kitchen, but is now in our bedroom. Having a rug in the living area wasn't anything I ever had in mind as I had designed the flooring so that it went from the front door and just carried on through the downstairs. It is all in the same wood, placed in the same direct with no lips in doorways to create this long flowing effect, as, in reality, it is a small property so I decided to use the floor as the clear bit, the non fussy bit and the bit that just flowed through the house. 
Then, the WAYFAIR opportunity came along and it got me thinking about covering the wood; stopping that flow and creating an area. When we had the fire put in last year we started laying a sheepskin rug down in front of it. It looked nice anyway and we loved to sit on it and have the fire warm our backs. It wasn't big, just your standard size, and when the summer came along it got brushed up and sat on the sofa arm instead. As items for the sitting room began to arrive I started to place them. We got the lovely GREY SHAGGY RUG {similar here} and honestly, as soon as I put it down I loved it and thought it was all that was needed. How wrong I was. I even emailed the supplier to try and cancel the big area rug but it had already gone through so I just thought I would return it and it would be fine. I am so glad that when it came I thought differently because as soon as I opened it and saw the corner I knew it was going to be another perfect piece.
The CoCo Ivory + Grey area rug was an ideal piece for the look I wanted. If I am honest it was the second rug I chose as the first one wasn't right, but I am so glad I opted for a more neutral colour with the grey running through in a smaller way. I love how saggy it is and against the grey sheepskin style rug, layering them for a really textured look was so easy. They were made for each other, a perfect pair and what I have found is that the kids just move it and grab other sheepskins from the chairs and just pile them up. I have never thought using rugs would bring such depth and texture to a space. The table, sofa and chair are very minimal and simple in their shapes so it's nice having all the fluffy texture bringing such warm and cosiness into the space. 
And that's what changed my mind really. I didn't think you could add warmth like that and I felt that it didn't really suit the area but I am so glad I have been able to challenge that thinking. Using this way of layering and covering I have found that it has altered the space, or made it look smaller in anyway; in fact the room seems more open than ever and having the large area rug draws your attention to it so nicely.

Have you had a good experience with rugs?

* The rugs were gifted to me previously by Wayfair.


  1. Hi Emily!! Hope all is well with you & the family. We are all in the misery of our first bad colds of the season!! At least it's only a cold!! I used to use rugs a lot but with small children they all got stained and dirty so fast that they all ended up being thrown out. Now that the kids are older I'm thinking that it would be nice to get a few area rugs again. I was looking at the sheepskin rugs in IKEA the other day. Your living room looks great!!

    1. Hi Monica, sorry to hear you are all ill. Hope it passes soon. I never used rugs for the same reason but have got into them in the last year and love them. There is a constant worry of damage with the kids but they are really good. I have seen those IKEA ones before, I really like them! In response to the Cath Kidston dress, mine does not smell ink smell at all and I personally wouldn't wear mine with a slip: strange that yours is like that. I am guessing you ordered direct off the Cath Kidston website? There should be no difference I think. I would wear mine with black (not see through at all) tights which I always feel comfortably modest in anyway so maybe that why I hadn't noticed. Also mine is a size bigger as they just sent without asking so it is drapy but I like that. Will wear again today and let you know! X

  2. A quick question for you that has nothing to do with your post. I got the Cath Kidston dots tinker bell dress in the mail yesterday. It's very cute and it fits nice, but does yours have an intense ink/color dye oder???? Mine is also fairly see through so I would need to get a slip to wear with the dress. I'm thinking that the dress may take too much effort to make it work. Just wondering what your opinion is. I also paid around $30 more that the U.K. price, so it was a little pricey.

  3. Hi Emily,
    Thanks for your prompt reply. We are all finally feeling better. I really have no idea what is going on with my dress. Yes, I bought it straight from the CK website. I'm going to air it out and see if that helps. Can't wait to see pictures of you in it. I agree with you I'm really looking forward to the weekend! Take Care, Monica


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