Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Pink In Autumn.

You know what I was thinking about recently? How nice it is including pink colours in your autumn wardrobe. You can have such a collection from blush to fuchsia and it's nice to include different shades into your outfits at this time of year.
The duller shades are usually quite popular; berries and maroons are great as an autumn staple and they go so nicely with browns, mustards and blue shades making them a beautiful colour to wear as the leaves change colour.
For me, blue is a staple and I really love navy. I find it the most versatile colour and find that it pretty much goes with everything.
 Before it gets too wet and slushy I am still wanting to flash my ankles a bit. I have found a real comfort in cropped jeans, the awkward length that sits just above the ankle bone, I find them ever so comfortable and with these little ankle strap shoes it just makes a really nice detail. Between the pink of my shoes and the purple/burgundy flowers on my jumper, my berry jacket fits in with the mix really well. You would have seen a lot of biker jackets this season have been replaced with a more aviator style cut. It's a lot more of a boxy shape which I like but I love that this jacket has remained true to its more biker-style roots. The addition of the Borg collar though is a great little salute to the inspired aviator looks that are floating about.


*Jacket gifted to me by Next. Styling and thoughts my own!


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