Friday, 13 October 2017

Autumnal Fashion {NEW from Next}

I say this all the time, I LOVE this season! Particularly for fashion reasons, I mean, who doesn't love the autumnal wardrobe change. We ditch the white linens and pretty dress and find ourselves layering up with thick tights and coats and enjoying items from our wardrobes that haven't seen the light of day for 6 months. 
It's so nice seeing what's coming out in the shops and for me, NEXT has been a huge high street hit. I just love how they capture trends for everyone. A range of styles to wear how you want, from super fashionistas to women who just love looking good. Next has a way of capturing a broad selection of styles that really would suit so many. I love how they have so many pieces that really are high up on the trend radar but if that's not your interest point, they constantly bring out clothes to suit so many tastes. 
Autumn is a key time to bring out the berry colours and, for me, this is a returning favourite colour to style. Berry just seems to be a great transitional colour from the slightly warmer September into the deep dark winter. It goes so nicely with a range of colours and becomes a staple autumn look for a lot of us. 
For this outfit, I loved that the cuff detail on my jumper matches this beautiful BERRY BIKER JACKET. With the soft colour to complement it, this jacket pretty much represents everything about autumn fashion. The change in colour to something much deeper, adding the extra layer and the Borg style collar all is perfect for introducing into you daily style. 
The return of the bootleg jean, I know, I never thought I would wear them either, sees them take a cropped look which I absolutely love. The awkward length of jean goes so well with so many items. I have been wearing them with boots, trainers and block heeled shoes to really show them off. I love the way they flare out and I am finding that Skinny jeans are just not on my list of items to wear at the moment, which is shocking!
With blue denim and berry being one of the most perfect combinations, I am finding that this outfit is one that is well worth repeating as we pass away from the warm weather!


* Thanks to Next for gifting me this outfit.

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