Saturday, 21 October 2017

My Midi & Me

I literally am so pleased the midi came into fashion and has very much stayed here. It is my absolute favourite length; a midi skirt and I are best friends. Seriously, I love them. I find them so practical for everything and depending on the print and style, you can wear them in a variety of ways meaning that these skirts are just as versatile as a pair of jeans. I think they are also a great choice if you don't ever really wear dresses or skirts. as they are that bit longer than knee length. I find I feel totally comfortable in doing just about anything in them and have always loved wearing them through the seasons. I actually laugh sometimes as I bought myself a nude pair of leggings. You know the ones that make you look like you're not wearing any trousers. Well, I got a short pair and wear them under my midis when it is cold to give me an extra layer. They don't deter from the fit at all but just keep me a bit warmer than bearing my legs to the elements! 
My favourite type of midis are probably pleated ones. I am not sure if it possible for a wardrobe not to contain a pleated skirt any more; seriously you need one. They are so flattering and give you a good twirl when the moment takes you. A pleated midi skirt will be appropriate all year round and for all kinds of occasions: parties, weddings, christenings and probably funerals, a pleated skirt will see you through them all. Wear in the office or wear on a day in town, you will find a pleated skirt will go with everything. Yes everything: a tee, a crisp white shirt, that roll neck, a vest top, even a blazer all look amazing teamed with a good pleated midi skirt.
I have about 5 to show off to you over the next few weeks but today I am going to start with this navy blue number. Me and navy have a good relationship too, the colour that works with so many items and the one colour you need in autumn. I am just teaming it here with a really old oversized jumper, classic red heels and a velvet bag. Each item an individual colour and a colourway which would work now or in summer. A little salute to the Breton colourways that I love so much.




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