Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Slogan Tees, Voting & Understanding peace.

This last week has been a funny one in the news; this blog is not for politics, but it is quite interesting seeing all the media coverage of the parliamentary party tours. I actually have had confirmed to me this week that unless you personally choose to read all manifestos, plans and procedures you shouldn't really state your opinion. That sounds harsh but I mean it so seriously. The media is a crazy world and people are influenced by just one picture of a girl in a slogan tee. How mental is it that people can write or interpret things however they want and all of a sudden you wonder why every one is sharing crazy propaganda about each party and falling out with everyone. I have seen so many videos for both parties and it makes your head spin, but they are always slanderous towards each other. It's just tit for tat, so if you want to be serious, get the knowledge, read up, don't take the media's stance as I can guarantee the very next day they will u-turn on whatever they say. Be clever. Educate yourself. And that's all I have to say about that. 

My tee couldn't have been more apt also this weekend. A strong message which shouldn't be missed and with last night's atrocities at a concert in Manchester, it seems that to be quite honest we need to wake up. Only we have the ability to protect our future, our children. Our attitudes and behaviour are what will affect them most and if we choose to spout hatred, that is all we produce. It is our vital role that we are the educators and what we offer our children will be the backbone of their integrity. Life is ever changing and we need to wise up and be aware but the only tool you will truly need is the ability to teach love and respect. And at risk of sounding like a hippy I want to share something that my mum said to me recently which has put a lot in perspective for me. 
I was stressing about something someone had said about Etta on facebook. Something that really upset me and having spoken to my mum in tears about how I should deal with it she said this:
You have two choices. Choose life or choose death. If you choose the path that follows death you will spend your life being angry and upset and never, ever be able to see the wonders that are truly there. You may think you will, but you won't. Choose life and you will understand more about patience, love and care. You will be calmer, you will be happier. It's not to say you won't be upset by something but the path of life will equip you with a manner of respect and tolerance that death won't. 
I choose life. I choose the path that will make me think about my words and actions before they bumble out in some angry mess. I choose life so that every day I can remind myself of that choice when I feel that death is trying to get a hold of me. 

I feel that actually it is quite hard to end a post like this. I really just wanted to share some pictures of my cool new t-shirt, but sometimes there are more important truths to talk about, so I have.
Keep peaceful friends.


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