Monday, 8 May 2017

Growing up in Gingham {FT. Laura Ashley}

{ This same post features on the Laura Ashley Blog but it was too nice to not share here also.}

We all know that this trend for dressing like our childhood is hitting the catwalk more than ever. I have clear visions of wearing many a gingham themed outfit and oh, how I thought I had left those days far behind me. I think in my adult life I can safely say that I have not worn, and have stayed clear of wearing gingham for about 20 years, and even writing that makes me feel that maybe it's a scary trend to try. When I first noticed it coming back on the market I tried a few pieces and just thought that it was too much. A horrible crossover between girl and woman and it left me confused, like wearing it made me way younger than I was, but since then and have tried it in lots of different colours and have found a huge love for it. I think the nostalgia helps but in reality, as a print, I think it reminds us all of summer times. And no, I am not talking about a traditional picnic blanket or anything food related, but a summer dress in a classic gingham is probably a staple in most of our wardrobes. 
This season more than ever the gingham is out in full force and regardless of the temperature we are all wearing way before the sun properly comes out. 
What's nice about trying things for Laura Ashley is that it is always clear that they are thinking about how to get the trends to adults. Not older teens, maybe not even 20 year olds. Just adults, who have to get on with work, parenting and life and I think they get that. They get the 'every woman' thing; the ones who want to look nice AND always salute the trends. 
When it comes to styling gingham I am finding jeans are the way forward. As an absolute favourite of mine, jeans with a good turn up suit most people, and the straighter cut are again suitable for all ages at the moment, so embrace a pair of these. Normally, I would opt for navy, but as the gingham I have chosen to wear is a light colour I went lighter colour denim. Then a jacket is always necessary. There are not many things I love more than denim, but jackets and winter boots are probably just edging ahead! This jacket in particular is actually a wardrobe staple. It has the classic boxy shape which is great for casual wear, like my look, but equally worn over shoulders with a smart dress would also look fantastic. I love versatile pieces and this cream jacket is one of those!!
Regardless of how you want to wear gingham I encourage you to try it. Trust me, I think it will be the print of the year!

T O P  / J E A N S / {similar} J A C K E T

{Since this post went live on the LA blog, the styles have sold out online but can be found in-store.}

{Post in collaboration with Laura Ashley}


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