Friday, 5 May 2017

Being The Wedding Guest {#stealmystyle FT. BooHoo}

It's safe to say that as women we all have quite different opinions about how we dress as a wedding guest. There are some small rules that one should try to obey, but is it necessary still in this day and age?
When it comes to wedding guest dress etiquette, we all know the number one rule is to never look better than the bride. I would like to see anyone challenge this because in my opinion it is impossible. I mean Grooms usually look good, but nothing beats a bride on her wedding day right? There is just something about her pure beauty that cannot be copied no matter what, so I say, why try? 
For me depending on whose wedding it is depends on what I wear. I only say that as after seeing 4 siblings marry, I think if there is a direct family member involved it slightly changes what I would choose. For a friend, I always think it's about finding simple, nice dresses, that complement the season or indeed the weather.
With summer fast approaching and having had our first wedding of the year already I have been able to have a real play with what I think would be great 'guest wear' for the up and coming summer weddings.
When Boohoo firsts asked if I could find something appropriate to wear as a wedding guest from their occasion and wedding collection I was thrilled at the chance. It didn't take me long to settle into the style I would want; something Midi always takes my eye as I think it is a perfect length for weddings. Also, with the summer coming up and having two weddings in August that are both a bit more garden party style, I knew I would also want a soft colour in a pale shade as that would look good with a tan.
Now we all know that wearing white to a wedding is a big no-no, and I must say I agree to some extent but something a little lace inspired in a non-white shade is a big thumbs up!
I opted for a blue crochet midi dress which I think is possibly one of the nicest dresses I have ever owed. The model makes it look gorgeous and I always have that worry of it being slightly cheaper therefore it would look cheap, but my gosh if you are to buy one occasion dress this year, buy this! 
I got a size medium and I think I could have fit a small but this sits perfectly over my hips. I think you can agree that the details are beautiful and the crochet effect in the blue is quite simply stunning. Paired with the barely there Glitter Heels you also get a little bit of sparkle for each step and they will look great with the disco lights later in the evening. I have also worn my dress with some Hoop & Bar earrings and suede-like Bag. Having a simple grey Biker Jacket to throw on my shoulders also makes this outfit perfect for the kind of weddings I'll be attending this year. So when the evening draws in and it gets a bit cooler, I can still feel chic enough by throwing this on. 

The overall look is so perfect for summer weddings and would especially suit garden party style ones. With the warmth of the summer sunshine, the blue cloudless skies and the gelato plentiful, looking perfect for weddings is easy with this dress.
*Post in collaboration with Boohoo who gifted me the dress, shoes and earrings for this look. 

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