Friday, 12 May 2017

A Colour Filled Week.

 This week has gone so fast as since Tuesday I have been really creative in my free time. Since wanting to paint the children's highchairs I feel like I've been on some kind of artistic retreat as my mind has been so full of ideas of things I want to make and do. Sometimes I can't think of anything creative and even though I find it so relaxing doing interior things it can be really hard to find clarity in all my ideas.
When we first had our house I was really into the shabby chic trends; over the years it's gone more minimal and all of a sudden I'm finding I have been drawn to bits of colour.
Not in any huge way. No statement walls here, but I find the the subtlety of a bold colour is something I am more and more drawn too. I know, a lot of us would happily pull in a few accent colours around the house. Mine would have been a soft grey against the white walls I have everywhere, but last summer I painted our sideboard pink and that opened up a whole different use of colour. Not only does it look great and suit me and my style, the colour itself is a wonderful addition to our white downstairs. Since that was painted I have also found that 2 out of the 3 bedrooms are now very much white with a dash of pink. It is a combination I love, and having fallen totally in love with house plants the rich green colours are also now proving an unimaginable complement to the pink that I never really considered. With this at the forefront of my mind recently and the timely event of needing to spruce up the kids high chairs, I found myself wanting one colour and one colour only. Dark green.

This was the first tin of Valspar Paint I have ever bought and the first time I have ever had paint mixed for me. Even the shop assistant exclaimed her excitement at making something other than grey and the Forest Shadows shade of green that I found among all the colour samples truly filled me with excitement. I spent the whole journey home laughing as I remember quite clearly writing about Pantone's colour of the year being green and how I would never really use it in our house. It's funny how wrong I was!

The last few days have seen me paint two chairs, a very much minimal paint smear picture for our room and I got my graffiti artist skills out by spraying my bedroom lamp gold in a bid to bring this lovely collection of rich colour into the house. 

I, again unplanned, have given our bedroom a bit of a colour injection by adding some simple picture frames that I just made up myself. The leafy print is actually wallpaper and I just took a size of sample that would fit in the frame of the tester role from Wilkos!  It works perfectly though with my other frames and with my beautiful fresh peach Vuvuzela roses!
I feel so fulfilled from such small actions of change. The rich green against the brash gold and soft pink tones is a combination I would have never seen working with me but I love the rich grown up feel to it. I have made some more changes to our room which I can't wait to show you, but I was so in love with the tonal qualities of these pictures I had to get them into a post!

What do you think to the colour green?

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  1. Good Afternoon Emily! I believe it's 4pm where you are and it's 9am for me. You must of just picked up your son from school and I just dropped mine off!! I love your pink sideboard!! My favorite color is pink but I have no pink furniture. My daughter's room is bubble gum pink but that's the only pink in the house. I used to really be into Shabby Chic as well. My house is the reverse of yours. Lots of brightly colored walls and more neutral furniture. My husband says I have made the house "unsellable." Ha!! Love the green chair, great color.


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