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A Better Lifestyle #everylittlehelps {FT. Tesco}

It is a constant struggle, for us all. I think every grown up has to think about the dreaded 'diet' word, but we need to learn that it is not about focusing on what we are giving up. No, in fact a diet is on going for your whole life and it is this that we must be conscious of. Not this sudden crash diet where you give up everything bad for you and eventually cave as that style of life makes no sense to anyone. The absolute stopping of all makes you crave it even more and eventually we all give in. The key to a diet is actually doing a gradual change for the better. Introducing more fruit and veg, drinking more water, missing out that weekly take away; it is actually a lifestyle change, not just about stopping eating chocolate.
There are so many ways that changing what you eat also helps. We all see the low sugar or low salt options on the shelves at the supermarket but still wander by and maybe don't think how items like that may benefit our lives in some way. 
You have to almost constantly think about the longevity of diet, not just wanting that summer bod, but wanting a long, healthy life and that my friends is where your journey will begin.
For me, we have not ever really substituted normal products for low sugar/salt ones. In fact due to Rob being head chef we have always been lucky that he makes most things from scratch and can therefore choose what goes in our meals. However, life is ever changing and actually three nights a week we now need quicker easy meals which means products will be bought to help with this. 
While trying to understand what works best we have been lucky enough to work with Tesco in testing some of their products to see how they measure up in our life, how they taste and how I know that in the long run they will benefit our diet.

For me it's all about day to day life; what are we going to swap out, what we would naturally eat for something better? The easiest way to look at it is what can I buy instead of XYZ. That way, you won't feel like you are starving yourself of something. If you have been into Tesco recently you would have probably been welcomed with a large display or aisle full of lots of old products that have had improved recipes with reduced salt, sugar and fat. Tesco are doing their bit to advertise better eating choices by offering a huge range of products with significantly less salt and sugar to help you along.
I thought I would share how I have simply swapped a few usuals with some new products.
A day for me would be simple, cereal for breakfast (usually sugary), sandwiches and crisps for lunch, then as we are big pizza lovers I thought I would offer a great example of a better pizza!


This is the perfect time of year for improved breakfasts. Not only are you more likely to reach for a light cereal because of the sunshine, but British fruit is coming into its best season. With plenty of fresh strawberries and raspberries picked from this country it only seems right that they make a welcome treat into your day while they last. Teamed with Tesco's very own special flakes (reduced salt) to help bulk it out, you really are starting the day in the best way. Like some juice on a morning too, well cranberry juice has huge health benefits anyway, but this new recipe has even less refined sugar in it.


Swapping out my white bread sandwiches, as simple is the best thing here. Bread, without wholewheat is pretty much just starch (complex sugar) and I love brown bread, so for me this swap is easy. It's silly I haven't done it before really. Having brown bread with increased fibre and spreading unsalted butter on it instead is an instant and still tasty swap for me. Also, having a warm bowl of Butternut Squash soup (a fave) which is reduced in fat, makes this meal hugely appetising. It would also be perfect for dinner too.


We love pizza in this house and having our own pizza oven lends itself to that a lot. For us we still often buy frozen pizza as it does make a very easy meal, but buying it means that you get a lot of added extras. Tesco produce wonderful stone baked pizzas which are a great alternative to any deep pan option mainly due to flavour; stone baked is delicious. Also the amount of carbohydrate you consume is pretty much halved. As for topping, nothing tastes fresher than a Mediterranean vegetable pizza and for us, cover it in fresh rocket which is quite simply amazing on fresh pizza. Honestly, it takes it to a whole different level. That's one thing Rob and I both love.
As far as aperitifs go, I have opted for Tesco's finest still lemonade which has less sugar in now. Add some fresh mint leaves and you have the tastiest summertime drink ever!!

How easy was that? It pretty much looks like our usual meals but I know we have introduced food that is better for us.
How about you try it? Swap out some usual pieces in exchange for improved ingredients and see if you miss the old ones. I can guarantee you will love what there is to offer!
*Post in collaboration with Tesco.


  1. Never thought about adding mint to still lemonade! Will definitely be trying that!

    1. living the dream! with ice and a slice of lemon it is perfect!


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