Friday, 26 May 2017

A bedroom review {ft The French Bedroom Company}

The Opportunity to restyle my bedroom came at a prime time. I had been feeling really uninspired by it all and as it is an attic room and there is only one flat vertical wall, there really isn't any room for changing it up and, it is safe to say, it has sat quite stagnant for a while. Yes, I have tried to introduce different themes through bedding, etc. but in reality it has all circled around the same white and grey theme. 
I think having bought myself some green paint last week and having that at the forefront of my mind, the opportunity to spruce it up came all at once. 
Like I said, there aren't many changes I can make to the room itself; the bed, mirror and chest of drawers must sit where they are and we have to have a low headed bed as it needs to fit under the roof. That all said, I got rid of the footstool at the end of the bed and that has opened it up somewhat mainly because it has stopped me covering it in clothes! I was saying to Rob how hard it is keeping our room super straight all the time as I spend my life doing it everywhere else and when I head up to bed I want to do just that, go to bed! So I have tried to help myself out, rid myself of the stuff I used to put bits on! That way, I have to put everything away! And in the last couple of weeks, it has surprised me how easy it is to get into a routine with that.
It always helps when trying to have a change that you get yourself some new bits. Whether it is bedding or some furniture, it always helps you feel fresher. 
I have made some super small changes but that alone has really opened up the room and I must say, made it feel really suited to us.
I spoke about this last week, but green has really been on my mind and in a bid to stray away from grey, I have gone full-out colour change in the bedroom. With the help of one key ingredient: this wonderful green velvet cushion. Yep, this one item, stunning in colour {and available from the beautiful French Bedroom Company} brought about the "greengate" craze in our house and this really makes the look complete. I didn't want to go entirely green, but teamed with the pinky blankets and pale pink velvet cushions I already had, this key piece really sets off the look. 

Having made up some simple pictures, also all in-keeping with the slightly minimalist (but green) trend, I have been able to create a really nice display on top of the chest of drawers. I always find the key is consistency, in pretty much everything, and in this case it is very much about the bed having green pink and grey colours. The chest of drawers uses the same colour ways. so it keeps it all matching. 

When it comes to making things seem more grown up, there is no other way than adding a metallic colour. Most grown up metalic colour? Gold, always gold. It is such a rich shade but you can make it stand out as much as you want. Team it with pale colours and it gives off a beautiful sheen; soft and subtle. But go bold; greens and bright pinks well, you can be on the cusp of baroque style!!

In this situation, my lovely circular old cross side table looks fantastically regal and having sprayed my angle poise lamp to match, you really see this colour stand out.
It looks so rich and with fresh roses, green plants, and against velvet fabrics that dress the bed.

Bring a few house plants to the room brings life into it also, not only in their calming manner but they give it the modern touch which is so on trend. House plants are key at the moment and it is just another great way to get the colour green into a space. 

There are only 2 new things I have used to create this look, The bedside table and the green velvet cushion. Everything else I have made out of things I already had, but it shows how simple touches can change a look completely. The colourful injection has really impressed me and the higher side table with such thin legs has helped open that area up really nicely and the mirrored top reflects lights so well.

What a fantastic way to give my space a much needed update.

Having this opportunity to work with The French Bedroom Company has been really fab. You can find me answering some questions over on their BLOG and this weekend I am on their INSTAGRAM sharing some pieces from my room so follow along!
*Post in collaboration with The French Bedroom Company


  1. What a beautiful room. The green looks so summery and fresh and the gold really looks so elegant. I absolutely love this style. I totally agree that you can achieve a great look with up cycling things you already have xx

  2. When I visited the Englander Line furniture showroom in Croydon, I was amazed to see their extensive collection of French bedroom furniture that were in the best of contemporary as well as antique style. Since I am an antique lover, I picked a beautiful French bed in Rattan finish.


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