Monday, 8 May 2017

Loafers & Lie-ins

What a weeken! Monday morning came round far too fast for me. We had a busy one, but more because of our lateness to bed than full days of activity. Having spent time catching up with some important ones in my life, then also spending a night dancing away to Bruno Mars I can safely say that when 10am came round on Sunday morning I couldn't quite believe I had slept so long. With the kids, one of us (usually me) gets to about 8am max with a sleep in, but rolling over and seeing the clock say 10 filled me with happiness and then sudden dread of the time I had lost to get stuff done! Our Sunday mornings are usually relaxed as we head out to church, but when you are suddenly placed with a 45 minute time slot to get yourself and children sorted and ready to scoot the 10 mins to get there inevitably I ended up in a flap!
One thing however which saved the situation was that fact that my dressing time was pretty much halved by simply pulling on a jumper, jeans and jacket, all in black and teaming with one of the most perfect pair of backless loafers I have got my hands on.
Recent fashion trends such as my love for loafers were mentioned in my most recent PINTEREST DIARIES post where I was sharing my love for the G U C C I  Princetown loafers, but the unfortunate thing is unless I really start saving my pennies they are not coming my way any time soon. Since then I have pretty much been looking for the perfect replacement at a way more affordable price, but still brilliant in quality and style.
One brand I can never shy away from when it comes to shoes is B O D E N. Yes the first time we see the prices we can often have a little heart attack, but more often than not B O D E N send out discount codes and vouchers when you are on their mailing system so it is always worth signing up.
After that little speech about money saving {not sure it is necessary but every little helps right} I want to introduce you to some styles that are seeing me through each day and shoes that are standing up to constant wear and rigour. 

Having first got these perfect N O R A slippers I was fully satisfied with the comfort and practicality as a loafer. If you are fearful of going backless these are a perfect substitute which fully support. In a very 'in' season pink shade with glitter toe, these are perfect for teaming with jeans and a white tee or in fact, smart trousers and a lacy top. 

If like me you are really into backless loafers, these next two pairs are where it is really at. I have to say, these shoes are living on my feet and are almost like slippers. In fact, the scooting I talked about at the beginning of the post, that was done in a pair of these and it was so easy. These shoes are perfect for the everyday girl who wants comfort and style. Let me introduce you to Boden's B A C K L E S S    L O A F E R.

And if the leopard print style is too much, the classic black is a must have for going with every style outfit you may have!

What I love most about these shoes {and it's not just the price in comparison to the designer ones} is that in true Boden style they are great for the everyday woman. The cut and width of the shoes makes them extremely comfortable. The pony skin effect is perfect for making them a bit more luxurious and once again, the simplicity of the print makes them stand out or blend in meaning you can style them how you want.

Once again Boden have hit the nail on the head when it comes to keeping trends accessible to the lady who wants to be a bit more fashionista. These loafers, including the full pink style are a great addition to any wardrobe and I look forward to wearing them through the spring, summer and into autumn.
{This post has been sponsored by Boden, but I would never write about anything I didn't genuinely like!}


  1. LOVE IT ALL!!! I consider the backless loafer a classic staple. I have always had a pair but at the moment do not. I was eyeing the Gucci ones as well in my Nordstrom's, but can't afford them as a stay at home mom. Ha!! How do you think Boden women's shoes run? My daughter has had some Mini Boden ones and I think they run on the small side. I need that dot shirt too!! Have a good afternoon. I'll let you get back to your hanging flowers.

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