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This year we are really lucky as a family to be going on some great holidays. Two of them are just Rob and I; one celebrating my 30th birthday and one for a friend's wedding which means we are heading out to some beautiful cities for some amazing experiences. Recently I have been thinking about how easy travel was before we had children; all the planning and organising especially, and personally about how little I used to worry. No obligations to caring for young ones definitely makes travel a wonderful thing and over the last few years I think we have been overseas once without the kids. It changes you. Not in a bad way, there is just more to consider and that has definitely affected the way we holiday. In the last few years we have spent many a happy holiday down on the British coast and you know what, I wouldn't change that for anything, but the memory of one special holiday Rob and I took is actually something I can't wait to recreate with the kids soon.
Around our home I have no photos displayed. It's hard to explain why. I have always found they are perfect for gathering dust and cluttering spaces and having come from a home where my mother proudly hung every single picture we ever had {especially school photos in the hall of shame} I think I have gone the absolute opposite way and have chosen to have none in public view. I suppose, in a way, I share pictures as a job and I feel I look at photos a lot and that is enough for me. The only place I have some pictures is in our bed room. One unit which is clear except for a few pictures of the kids at a very young age and one, yes one picture of Rob and I. Shockingly it isn't a wedding picture either. In fact writing this embarrasses me in a way as it seems crazy that a couple who have been married for 8 years has one picture of themselves framed from nearly 7 years ago. But I can explain why, well not why, but why I only have this one. 

This picture, is one of my favourites ever. It has so much wrapped up in this one shot of Rob and I that really for me, I don't need anymore. 
Over the new year of  2010 to 2011, Rob and I went to Austria skiing. This was my first ski holiday and like Rob's 20th!? This was our first holiday away over a usual family celebration. This was still in our newlywed season, just us, loving life and the ability and freedom to please ourselves. As this is us, our first picture taken together on our journey to parenthood as I was 12 weeks pregnant with Raph.
This point in our lives was truly wonderful. We got 2 days short of 2 years married with just us as a couple before everything changed and for me I suppose the excitement of experience from this holiday really reminds me of that.

Between the tears of fear from tackling mountainsides I wasn't ready to do and the delicious food that was consumed, this holiday was an experience I have never forgotten about and the feelings I had are still so fresh in my mind. By the middle of the week I had the confidence, and being pregnant was no worry for me. Travel with Rob is something I have always been so happy to do, and from the moment the plane took off I can still feel those butterflies of excitement, wonder and love for the trip we were about to take together.

Christmas season in the deep snow was something like a dream and this picture represents the true happiness of our little life at that exact time.
Happy Memories.

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