Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Lilacs, Leopard Print & A List Of Loves

Recently life has been full of little things I love. We have had quite a few days where the sun has shone, and even though it is still quite chilly I have found my mood has lifted. I have also been treated to some of the most beautiful views via the natural world as pink petals line the streets and lilacs overflow from the trees. Magnolias also are causing me a little bit of spring time envy and I am thinking I really need to plant a tree in my garden, so each year their perfect petals can greet me. The light mornings and evenings also make my little list of things I love as I feel they are giving me energy to do more rather than just stop in front of the fire. 
Life has its trials, stress via family and work, but in general the last few weeks have been full of lovely little things that have just made me happy. 
One in particular that I have already mentioned is the spring blooms. Lilacs are out of this world at the moment and I keep cutting some to bring inside. I shouldn't really as they don't last long once cut but they are so fragrant and beautiful I couldn't help style some in the house. These Garden Trading Glass Vases are so perfect for this as they look so clean and crisp against the purple of the lilacs. Minimal beauty and they help display the natural beauty of a simple branch of flowers. I mean they couldn't look prettier and they are perfect for spring in the home.

Another love, as the title of this posts suggests, is this beautiful Leopard Print Bag which not only is a wonderful size, but the pony skin effect and simplicity of the shape means that this bag is going to last me through all seasons. And with its beautiful bold print, it will look fantastic however I choose to style it. I love a good bag and having not written about one for ages I was desperate to share this beauty with you.
I mean, what's not to love about a bucket bag in an iconic print? Luckily for me, this is exactly the kind of grab bag I need at the moment as I am finding I am having to take little extras here, there and everywhere as life gets that bit busier. Our main problem is sports activities that the kids go to at different times so with this bag I am able to pop a couple of snacks in, or toys and still allow people to 'think' she's got her shit together as I don't bundle through door ways trying to hold everything my children need! On a serious note though, it just has a button clasp and you really can fill it up well. The other obvious thing to love is the print which is hailed as the never out of fashion print. Leopard is a perfect complement to most things as it clashes well with other prints {my favourite being stripes} but always looks perfect with the simplest jeans and a tee. 

What's not to love? Have you had a little list of loves lately?
 {Bag Gifted by Boden}


  1. Oh — that bag is to die for!! Love a bit of leopard print (as long as it's not *actual* leopard)!! I need to plant some Lilac in our garden — it's one of the few plants that we don't have and I really love it; especially the smell. I picked some from the allotment last night and have stuck it in a vase here. SO gorgeous — it's scenting the whole house! :) xx

  2. I love your flower posts. Here in Colorado everything is very brown year round. The most green I see is the front lawn and the Evergreen trees. I have a "black" thumb, but you are inspiring me to try some flowers this year. I love leopard print as well. I'm a big fan of JCrew and have a few of their leopard bags & shoes. Mini Boden is easily available in nice department stores here, but Boden is only available by catalog in the US. My kids have had a lot of Mini Boden, but I only have a couple of pieces that were a gift from a friend who bought them in London. Enjoy that great handbag!


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