Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Hanging Peonies & Happiness

This week I have been really hung up on Instagram numbers. I really hate focusing any of my blogging energy on numbers as that is not what it's about. I write and share because I love doing so. Not because this is some twisted way to gain popularity. I suppose at the root of it is that I see certain people writing things that I know just isn't true and it is the classic #fakenews that gets a surge of likes. Be honest people, as my youngest sister used to say: "Lies make baby Jesus cry!".
But this week, these little happenings have chipped at me and having made 12,000 followers on Instagram, only to dip back down to 11.9k, I was feeling sorry for myself. But the wonder of this amazing app was that there was an out pouring of love from people I have never even met sharing messages of encouragement and support which made me realise, this really isn't about numbers, it's about the friendships you form. 
With this thought of not getting hung up on all the negatives the blogging world brings at the forefront of my mind, last night I fell asleep thinking about taking some more pictures of a beautiful peony bouquet I was sent by B L O O M & W I L D. It suddenly came to me, like an epiphany, that I  could hang them above the dining table. Lucking our light shades are colanders, so they are full of holes. Originally it was only to let me get some nice pictures of these blooming, blousy flower heads from a different angle but I quickly realised that this was a perfect way to display flowers at home.
Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's be realistic, flowers won't survive without water so this was simply for fun. It would be perfect for parties or celebratory occasions, but this is a short term thing.
For me, what came from this display was pure inspiration. What else could I hang? Could I make it from a more permanent structure {not the light shade}? What flowers would be best? With all these questions running through my head as I was stringing each stem up with a piece of thread, I realised that what I was creating was turning into a pretty perfect display of the beauty of Peonies.
As the pictures show, these stems are just suspended from the light shade. That simple. Just got my roll of thread and scissors and just went to work.

What was more wonderful about this little project was right in the middle the post man delivered a little gift from someone I had met on Instagram { B L O O M B O U T I Q U E } which had been personalised. The quote, "She Just Shines" written across the bar bracelet was the icing on the cake you could say. It just affirmed what I was doing really; what I truly enjoy and through truth, I am who I am.

*Thank you to Bloom & Wild and Bloom Boutique for the gifts! x

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  1. Fantastic flower arrangement. Looks like something out of Martha Stewart Weddings. What a nice gift. Very pretty. I laughed (in a nice way) when I read that you had dropped to 11,900, mind you I know nothing about Instagram. I look at pictures on Instagram and that's about it. The 90 people I had at my wedding were pretty much everyone I knew!!! It's about quality not quantity I say!!


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