Saturday, 13 May 2017

Birthdays, Pizza & A Declaration Of Love.

Gosh it has been two weeks since Rob turned 33 and I have been meaning to write about it since it happened and have just not got round to it. For me, it was another reason to mark the occasion, getting some feelings down on paper {well kind of} and talking about him, his birthday and one of his best creations; our pizza oven.

The very first year I started dating rob he decided on building a pizza oven in the month leading up to his birthday. His parent's garden was awash with this amateur brickie playing with some concrete and stone. But he did it and that pizza oven was a trophy of pride for all of Rob's family. Since then his parents have had their garden redone and unfortunately Inman Pizza oven MK1 was destroyed. There is now a beautiful raised patio where it was as a monument to it. It brought many happy memories but his parents rebuilt one further down the garden. My point is, pizza has been a huge part of our relationship from the start. 10 years of regular pizza parties has actually been a thing and I am 100% sure Rob has had one every year to mark his birthday.
Our pizza oven was one of the first things rob built at our house,7.5 years ago! When we moved in we made the house habitable 1st and then the pizza oven was building could commence. We had a hill/mound at the bottom of the garden that housed two big trees and Rob built the pizza oven into the hill also. It was a great model and a real improvement on the first one he built at his parents, but at the time, before the house extension and having the opportunity to learn how to properly build things we found as each party happened it began to fall apart. Mainly the actual cooking part dome, the fire bricks and mortar that held them cracked over time so a few weeks before his birthday rob headed out to rebuild the dome and roof of our pizza oven. And having developed so much more knowledge and skill with brick laying since building on our property this time it was easier, quicker and right!

So our own MK2 pizza oven was ready to go by the end of April, complete with new perching wall that we thought would be a great addition as everyone always wants to sit by the fire. Rob's talent in building was always great. He really is a great handyman and helps me all the time building little things or designing things for other people together. It makes me so happy that he understands my ramblings of plans and ideas and doesn't question them. After building this small wall I am now thinking I want a complete walled garden, but he has talked me out of it {for now}.

What was lovely about Rob's actual birthday was it fell on a Sunday which is already a super relaxing day for a pizza party, but it was also bank holiday weekend which meant no matter how late it got everyone would still be up for parties and we were. After starting at 2pm, I think we got to bed about 1.30am meaning it was a really long day! But when pizza is involved and you can cook at your own pace and whenever you want, the time actually flies. I can't think of a better way to eat and entertain for us anymore. I love dinner parties but making and cooking your own pizza is something else. The kids also get involved too and they spend the whole day playing and eating also. We were blessed with dry weather and company was great from both sides of the family.

Rob, you are truly the greatest guy who I have ever known. Sorry it has taken two weeks to declare my love for you for your birthday! But here you go, Happy Birthday Rob, I love you!

Building The Pizza Oven:
I just wanted to do a bit of an add-on to this post as I have had a few people message me about the actual building of the pizza oven. As Rob works to his own rules, it is hard to re-explain what he does/did but I have a few helpful links that would enlighten anyone looking to make or purchase a pizza oven, I don't need to sell how good a homemade one is. 

There are definitely some things to be aware of:  Red building bricks and fire bricks are indeed two different things. In fact normal cement and normal bricks can easily explode. Please don't think you can just make something up.
You need: Fire Bricks and fire cement for the inner dome, the outer bricks are just for insulation and decoration {Can be red bricks/whatever you like).
If you just want to purchase a build it your self set: Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3
or if you just want to purchase a ready to go oven: Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3

Hope that helps if anyone is seriously thinking about it!



  1. I'm amazed at how crafty you & Rob are. I'm not crafty in the slightest!!! I have already showed my husband a picture of the pizza oven. Love that you posted instructions. I will check them out later. I'm tardy on reading your posts this week since it was First Communion in our house on Sunday and it was also Mother's Day in the US on Sunday. I should be back on track tomorrow. Thanks for all the info and the great pictures!!!

    1. Monica, Congratulations on your little one making their first Holy Communion, special day indeed!And happy US Mothers Day, hope you were spoilt. Rob was the big runner in this project, it has brought many happy memories though and is worth the effort and money if you ever wanted to build one! xx


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