Thursday, 1 December 2016

#BDAGwears Giulietta and Metallic Skirts

I think quite a few of us can say that we really love the metallic skirt trend that is big in the High Street stores this winter. I have two, no actually three (oh dear) and love wearing them with a simple top and jacket and some white pumps. They add serious dressy-ness to everyday wear, but with casual sneakers you never look over-dressed.
Etta was lucky enough to be asked to try out this beautiful Leila Rae metallic midi skirt and to be quite honest her outfit would be totally appropriate to use as trend inspiration for any age. She is just so cool. 

This small company offers beautiful handmade girls clothing which is truly wonderful for toddlers looking to add a bit of extra cuteness to their outfits. 
This midi skirt is easily something I would wear and so nicely made. It is a perfect fit for Etta and for her, with it being pink and sparkly, all girly wants are fulfilled.

The rest of Etta's outfit is actually old now. Her jacket was Zara, but there are loads of similar styles around for kids. Teaming a simple t-shirt and jacket with this skirt makes a perfect everyday outfit and instead if I added tights and MaryJanes, she would be equally party ready.
A perfect skirt ready for the festive season!


*post in collaboration with Leila Rae

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