Saturday, 17 December 2016

Traditional New Pyjamas

Young and old will celebrate with me when I say the words 'New Pyjamas'. Why? Oh, because we simply adore that feeling of new and fresh! And a perfect time to receive such items, well that would be Christmas time, and Christmas eve to be precise!
I love that idea of going to bed filled with excitement of the great nights events, barely sleeping and waking up to enjoy the early morning of pure ecstasy in seeing the presents under the tree!
As a child it was a crazy feeling of pure elation, I mean how exciting was that first glimpse of the full stocking at the end of the bed knowing that not only did you have presents there but under the tree would be this bounty of gifts! Oh it gives me tingles just writing about it!
For me, that morning is prime for activity and having special Christmas pyjamas makes it all so magical.
Then as the afternoon draws in and you are full of food and just want to play or sit and watch TV, how ace is it putting your pyjamas on early to really be able to relax again in! 
Oh, Christmas time how I love you! Oh, new pyjamas how I love you!


* This post is sponsored by Cath Kidston

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