Saturday, 17 December 2016

The Christmas Clean

OK, who does it? Hands up? That big clean just as the kids break up from school in preparation for not getting the hoover out for at least 2 weeks while the house is full of love and laughter. I really try and do a super, big clean of everything so that I can just avoid thinking about it for a few weeks or even months if we are talking about dusting!!
Luckily, I can't complain too much. Our three bedroom end-terrace isn't full of space to get dirty. Bedrooms are obviously a big one, we literally only really sleep in them so they are not too messy, but washing piles grow and toys begin to take over beds, so it almost becomes time to sort it all away in prep for all the new bits coming in. 

Dusting is the bane of my life, and we don't even have that many surfaces that require a duster, the hoover is usually my ally and I get through it all.
Sorting out the downstairs is also relatively easy for us. The same wooden floor runs through all the rooms meaning the hoover and mop can do the most of the work and with the freshening of the table cloth and bringing in fresh flowers makes it also a relatively easy space to clean, it just is a bigger space for doing it. 

My biggest job before the Christmas influx is the toy cull. I know that sounds harsh, but after a year of gathering bits and bobs I always have a really good sort to rid the boxes of unnecessaries. I also try to keep the toys age appropriate as the children do stop playing. Our Duplo is out now (only in the shed) and some big Bob the builder toys, that horribly annoying Doc McStuffins singing microphone also sneaked out! They don't play with them so a trip to the charity shop means that others can buy them at a much more affordable price. For me, my Great Little Trading Co stacking storage boxes are a God Send. Both kids have a few and they are labelled so that they know what's in them. And these are a perfect fit for our toy cupboards means that putting toys away is so easy and perfectly hidden that cleaning up in this area makes life very easy. After a sort and reshuffle with our Great Little Trading Co Abberville Storage Bench, I have ended up with one and a half empty boxes meaning that I have a bit of space to put new presents without the worry of "where is that going"?

We are so lucky with the space we have that creating a happy home comes easily. As much as I loath tidying and sorting, there is great satisfaction in finishing the big clean and as a mother and wife, feeling that my job is done. I have got all the Christmas shopping done and Rob does the food so for me this is my last big job before the relaxing starts! Bring it on!


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