Saturday, 17 December 2016

Our Children's Christmas Day Outfits.

Less than a week to go to the big day and I have some beautiful inspiration for children's outfits for Christmas day. This year more than ever my developing partnership with Cath Kidston has been wonderful. Being privvy to so many behind the scenes chats and seeing new bits of their Disney collection has been a pure joy so when it came to deciding the outfits for the Children it wear on Christmas day, they were my first port of call.

Now I think Cath Kidston children's fashion has come along way and their development of their boys section is ever growing better. I think for boys it is easy to dress them in shirts and trousers and Cath Kids boys is full of bold prints and classic cuts that would suit so many and still bring that child like element to dressing. It is always easier with girls and I am sure CK have found this as so many of their prints are flowers, which lend themsleves to a wealth of styles. Their ballerina is a favourite print of mine so their use of gender sterotypical colours isn't as backwards as some people think it is. Actually quite perfect and classic for dressing children well and easily.

For me, getting a new Christmas day outfit is one of the most exciting outfits to buy in a year. There is something so special about all the new pieces being laid out ready for wearing on Christmas morning. There really is some kind of Christmas magic that comes with them. So finding the perfect outfit is something I like to spend a little time doing. I try to really think about what the kids like and what I know they will love wearing and that's where the planning starts.

Looking through the Cath Kids pages gives me loads of inspiration so this year getting outfit pieces was easy. For Raph I had to salute the classic soilder print with his Christmas jumper; what a perfect item to team with skinny jeans and their desert boots.

For Etta I decided that clashing red and pink was the way foward. I love the Bewmore Rose print so getting that in a Child's dress was perfect. And to clash up the colours more, her beautifully Christmassy pink desert boots brings the outfit together matching with the array of pinks and reds from the dress print.

With the children in such beautiful outfits all will know that it is a special day indeed, full of celebration, love and looking good!!


*This post has been sponsored by Cath Kidston

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