Friday, 30 December 2016

Thinking to the new year..

It is amazing to think that 2017 is just a few hours away. I honestly still am not used to writing 2016 so I feel that this shock is going to get me even more! I cannot really quite believe what has happened this year. In life, I have had 2 new nieces and a new nephew. I have gained a sister in law and have a new one coming. We have improved our house. I have grown David Austen roses. I did the flowers for a good friend's wedding. I have battled two bouts of tonsilitis and a sinus infection. I have swam almost weekly. I have used loads of white paint. I have been recognised for my photography skills as a finalist in the MADS. I have spent too much money. I have had happy holidays with family. I have seen my first London Shakespeare play. I have saved the day a few times. I have also probably ruined the day a few times. I have travelled for work to Bath with my sister (very happy times). I have met other bloggers. I have made lots of plans. I have a stove. I have two bigger children. I still have my loving husband. I have good friends. I made lots. I didn't bake as much as I should have. I cooked more than usual. I now cycle?! I have gone blonde. I have witnessed major happiness like watching a friend become a Catholic deacon. Seen deep sadness. I have wanted a lot. I have given a lot away. I have shared food with friends. I have invited people into our home. I have become older. I have changed. I will grow.

2016 has brought me more opportunity to think about a lot and that isn't always a good thing. On reflection there have been so many happy times with Rob and our kids. So many times I have been so thankful for just us 4 and our home sanctuary. 
It is amazing when you begin to sit and even try to think of what the year has brought, how little you often can even remember. I already know my list of events I have been to or things I have seen is a list longer than any other. All the celerations and parties have been fantastic and the times when I was just busy doing things I love are times I can't even list as there are so many. Happiness has been here in abundance but I have a lot of sadness over things that have creeped in and all of this I carry into 2017 in the hope of keeping it all with me so I can still be a better form of myself. 

New years always bring resolutions that I also happily try to partake in, but this year I am not setting any. Well actually I am but it is not just for this year, it is for everyone after that, that also comes. I just want to be a better person, a more responsive person and someone who pushes the good and wipes off the bad. 


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