Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Our Christmas Home

For the first time in a long time I have been really absent from the blog. Not in a bad way, but we have been doing lots of things and I suppose I just haven't been jotting them down for once, It's strange, I have really just been enjoying home and with school nativities, plenty of movie nights, Christmas dinners-out; my mind has really been elsewhere.
But I can't go that long without sitting down and re-eligning myself. I find the tap-tap of laptop buttons too therapeutic to avoid it all that long!

Since the weekend, the Christmas decorating has been completed with arrival of the great Tannenbaum and now I feel that come the end of the week, I will be getting into the real festive spirit. I still need to get out the Nativity and stockings but this year I want to do something special with the kids, so it is not out yet (will keep you posted).

For me, this year has never been so minimal. I have never been a red person but I would usually have a lot more greenery, I think this year I just wanted lots of white and lights and that's what I have done. 
I say I haven't used greenery as much, but really with the main tree, a mini one in the kitchen and jugs of rosemary and bay leaves, really I have loads and more fresh flowers will come in next week closer to Christmas day. I have also had the most beautiful eucalyptus wreath hanging on the front door that my sister made from euc. from a very good family friend's home. It has been such a simple looking wreath but the leaves have blown about like feathers in the wind and are just so soft and pretty to look at!

For me, using mercury speckled glass is a big thing. I have had mostly silver decorations since our first Christmas at home and have built up a lovely collection of big silver baubles, but as metallics have generally filtered in, I use small gold decorations now and this year got some rose gold baubles from Wilkos (available in store) which I have loved adding to our collection.

With the addition of the rose gold baubles I have found that I have been a bit more creative with my display of them. Originally I intended all 12 to be on the tree but I have taken 6 of them and suspended them off the antlers of our deer-head over our fireplace. They look fantastic and with the silver glass ornaments I just love the clean, fresh look. I also love to throw in pink to our decorations so I am using the softest pink roses to accent the metallic colours.

Simplicity has definitely been the key this year and an item that has resurfaced from last year has come into its own. Out advent candle holder was just one I picked up and with some homemade labels and new gold candles it really has brought a beautiful element of Christmas in a minimalist way to our home. I love the countdown of advent so (when I remember) I light it and enjoy the real flame glow!

For me, one of my favourite decorations is our Christmas tree star. I have been waiting to get it out patiently knowing how much I love it and once again it is sitting quite perfectly on top of our tree. I had it made locally a few years ago and it is filled with lavender and embroidered with our name, An absolutely perfect family heirloom that I hope to have on top of our tree for many years.

When it comes to other little bits dotted around, I don't have many, but a few things I am enjoying is some really cheap plastic candy canes! I am not even joking! I just got a bag of them from ebay as I actually don't like the kids to have them, and I never eat them and they just leave a sticky trail everywhere, so these plastic ones have been perfect and the kids play with them all the time (actually that sounds super sad and boring; it's not).

Our advent calendar has also been a huge hit and I have loved the kids being so excited each day to see what's behind it!

My new Emma Bridgewater mug is unused sitting on the shelf; it is so gorgeous and the gold matches our home style perfectly, with one of her robin tins full of mince pies, I cant say it'll be long before I crack and enjoy them both!

Our home is very much a lovely place to be and its level of Christmas might jump up a bit next week but for now I am so excited with this whole season and now the countdown to celebrating the birth of Jesus!


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