Saturday, 17 December 2016

Jack Frost and Hygge must be best friends!

They have to be, right? Why else would they work so perfectly together? The other night was apparently the coldest night of the year and that next morning you could tell. A thick frost lay on the ground in such a glorious way, almost saying "Yes, I am here"! It reminds me of the children's film, Rise of The Guardians where Jack Frost does everything to try and get himself noticed but people can't see him physically, so he uses ice to show off. It is almost like a little reminder that there are greater powers beyond ours that such beauty can be created.
That day I was almost desperate to get outside. As it was such a heavy frost, it still hadn't melted away by the time I had got home from the school run, so I bundled Etta up into the pushchair and we went out on a walk. Just 2 miles, up towards Lincoln Cathedral and back, but before we left I made sure to fill up our Stove so that it would make the house warm for walking into after.
Boy am I so glad I did, our Charnwood ARC did not fail me in preparing our home for our return, and with the sunshine pouring in and our noses very pink, we came in, kicked our shoes off, and quickly sat in front of it warming ourselves up. 
It was Hygge in action, that love of nature and the heartwarming warmth that melted us to the core. Good old Jack Frost for dragging us out just so we could truly experience another kind of happiness.


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