Friday, 16 December 2016

The Ultimate Adult Christmas Present

I think buying for spouses or partners can be quite a hard task. Once you have done the usual gifts like a new shirt, shoes or aftershave I find there is always more I want to get, but just don't know what to get. Buying for Rob is really easy. He love clothes and very rarely gets them, so freshening up his wardrobe is a usual occurrence. I also like to try and get him something he wants, something maybe he has been talking about which I have clocked and stored on my internal list. But this year I was really trying to think what I wanted to get him. I had a bit of a list but nothing monumental and it got me thinking about how many other couples must struggle to find something that wouldn't be expected. 
I have found this year more than ever we have been able to experience things, or buy things that we wanted but there is one item that we have got this year which has genuinely changed our lives and I felt I wanted to share it (again) as an idea for you as a perfect Christmas gift.

Our Charnwood ARC Stove has not only changed our house so much but it has influenced our way of living beyond anything that I had ever imagined. Our lives feel so full when we are at home sat around it with the kids just enjoying life. It came at a perfect time, just as nights were getting darker, and it has made our environment so comfortable. 
We are lucky in the way our house is set out that the fire's warmth accesses most of our living space and the glow offers such comfort late at night from from the dark outside. 
I have laid a sheepskin rug in front of it and guaranteed the first thing Raph does when he comes home from school is kick his shoes off and lies down in front of it for a moment's pause after his busy day. I always try and light it just before I go on the school run so that it is glowing by the time we get back and every evening it has become such a beautiful way to spend time. The kids play in front of it constantly and love its comforting warmth as much as Rob and I.

The reality is we don't need a sofa any more as we all just rest like pussycats in front of it now. For Rob and I also, it lends itself to many a romantic cuddle (yes, just cuddles) as we both just sit together in front of it watching TV or chatting. 

For me, if I were to suggest any present buying for adults it would be to buy yourself or partner a stove as it will truly be the best present you will ever give!

Our stove was from lovely locals IGNITE Stoves who are based in Welton. So if you are in Lincolnshire you should seriously check them out!


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