Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Perfect Christmas Gifting Ft. Gap + a 40% off voucher!!

It is safe to say that savvy shopping has become my life. When you have 1 husband, 2 children, 7 siblings, 2 parents, 2 parents-in-law, 3 siblings-in-law..... the list goes on, I am sure you get the picture. But because of this I do shop around a lot as I hate the idea of buying cheap and buying crap, so I like to still make sure I am getting good things for the best price. GAP is a household name now and the quality and standard of style has long stood the test of time. 
This year we have had the opportunity to be able to pick what we would love to give as gifts and not only did Rob and I struggle to choose due to the wonderful amount of things available, but we honestly just couldn't decided out of a range of things what would be perfect for us as it all was!

I think sometimes when you first walk into a store with a Christmas gift list on your mind you can sometimes be immediately shocked by the choosing aspect. ''What would they like? Which colour should I get it in?'' are constant questions running round a shoppers head and I found that sometimes, making a mini check list is the only way to go. Think about people's sizes, favourite colours, jobs (so smart shirt could be a lovely gift), how they relax (snuggly socks are on the menu for that one) and most of all think about who they are as a person; bold or more refined. For us, Rob would happily pull off a bright red jumper, but for me my favourite would be shades of grey. You need to put your heart into buying gifts and really think about the person. When we were shopping for Raph and Etta I was so torn on so many things. Etta is such a princess and loves everything shiny or sequined but she also, as a 3 year old, needs to have clothes with a level of practicality in them. We got her a bit of both to allow for her character. Raph is just a cool kid so for him we picked a few things that we thought he would love. He also loves blankets and getting cosy so we were lucky GAP had a perfect blanket that makes a great present for him.

Having had a good shop we ended up with these beautiful gifts:

HAT / JUMPER / Jeans available in store.

Jacket available in store

Coat and Top available instore 

Blanket Available instore.

Coat available instore / Hat available instore/ JUMPER

Jumper available in store.

Christmas gift buying can easily become a situation where you just end up throwing money at any till possible, but you need to remember the art of gift buying. It must always start with love; with a love to want to give to someone else means that whatever you are giving them will be something you have spent time thinking about and really enjoyed choosing. It is this that is important that the true spirit of giving comes from the heart and has a purpose to create true happiness. 

We all know how expensive buying a lot can be so why not join me in buying from GAP this Christmas, in store, and use this wonderful 40% voucher. You need to screenshot it and show it at the till.

Voucher expires on the 5th so you have a week!!

Thanks to GAP for the wonderful voucher.


*Post in Collaboration with GAP

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