Thursday, 22 December 2016

Dressing yourself and not just the tree!

As mothers, and even women, we could all agree that sometimes life does take over and there is no time to just enjoy dressing nicely. Recently I feel I have been in a rut and just struggled to get on somewhat, meaning that jeans and flats have very much been my choice style dressing. I don't have many Christmas parties to go to and what I do have is lots going on at home instead. In that way it is nice as slightly casual dressing is fine but you know what, I do miss those really glitz and glamour evenings where everything is sparkly and perfect.
I received some really beautiful pieces from Swarovski which made me squeal like a little girl as they were the things that dreams are made of! Seriously sparkly and seriously perfect for this festive party period. But, no party to wear it too. Yep, shed a tear for me.... it's fine really, as for me, these items are not only perfect for wearing on a special occasions but they will also look beautiful as daywear meaning that I will enjoy wearing them a whole lot more. 

When you are getting ready for Christmas the dressing the tree is such a pinnacle part. Not only do you carefuly select your collected baubles and place them in prime spots for all to see, but your tree is there to show off and when people come in it is what they notice. In the same way I think it is wonderful to have the opportunity to free yourself but so often, so many of us don't actually get out that much in this busy time, but, hear me now... when do we ever really need a reason to get dressed up. I find that sometimes when I feel most rubbish a good face of make up, pretty tops and shoes make me feel pretty and like I have no other cares. Dressing nicely for no reason is just as good a tonic as a glass of prosecco sometimes. These pretty pieces of Swarovski bling have brought me many smiles in the last few days of wearing them just as I catch a glimpse in the mirror. I feel decorated, frosted even and am thoroughly enjoying them with jeans and flats. 


*These products were gifted but the thoughts are my own.


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