Friday, 9 December 2016

A Christmas Table

I always love the preparation for Christmas, and designing how I would like to style the table is one thing I really love to do. Of course I go through many ideas before the day actually arrives and I actually dress the table, but as I begin to gather pieces it is nice to try out ideas. For us, our dining table is thin and long so it could seat 10, but the width makes it hard to pile on dishes galore so it is very much about decorating for the space, rather than decorating to fill a table if you know what I mean.

The past few Christmases I have definitely moved towards just using whites, pinks and greys to decorate, a very soft coloured pallet which I have found helps complement our house due to its size. When I did all the reds it made the house almost feel smaller, so I try to keep everything bright and light coloured to allow us to keep that feeling of being more open. Less colours to draw the eye is key!

For us, using pink is becoming a common feature, luckily Rob doesn't mind so it means that I can have free reign over how much this colour influences our house. Luckily I am not a pink girl so actually the minimal accent of it fits perfectly with all our white. In this case, I happened to have a few pink roses but I am thinking more white and green would also look good.

With the tarnished gold cutlery (that's by use not by choice BTW), the fresh rosemary from the garden and a few rose heads, creating a very simple and stylish place setting is literally as easy as this; tie together; SORTED!
The effect is so pretty though and using the pink ribbon, I am matching those soft blush tones which helps make the pink look more golden.
The bright white of our homemade crackers (exact set here) really brings a beautiful boldness to the table and helps each place stand out more.

Then my next problem is always about finding what I then use to run trough the middle of the table. I have used greenery before and candles and recently for another party I used fairy lights which really inspired me to go down that route; using light as my main decoration.
A while ago I was lucky enough to be given a set of Cotton Ball Lights. Now these are amazing as you can pick your colours and amount of cotton balls you want so your set can be very personalised. I loved the pink set I made and we have them up, but as I am really loving the minimal trends at the moment I decided to get some that were just pure white. I love the simplicity of these and how plain they are, but actually how their minimal effect brings so much to the table. They are like beautiful baubles running down the table between our plates and adding a wonderful ambiance in the way they light the table. The kids also love them and for this look they fit perfectly!

What a great edition to a table and luckily we have a plug that it can reach to safely, but you could easily take an extension lead to the floor and run the wire up a table leg first. They really are a perfect edition to this look.

For me as well, creating things simply is sometimes what is needed because the last thing you want to be doing on Christmas day is faffing, I want to be enjoying the bubbly and watching the kids enjoy their presents. Don't we all, hey!

If you like these Cotton Ball Lights as much as me, come follow me on Instagram and look out for a giveaway that will be running later today!


*Post in collaboration with Cotton Ball Lights UK

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