Thursday, 8 October 2015

Woodland Parties with Sophie Allport fabric.

Since finishing our build this summer and creating a play area for the children, it has become a perfect setting for all kinds of imaginative play. We have barked chipped all around the climbing frame we built, thus creating an ideal spot for making all kinds of play opportunities.

When Sophie Allport kindly sent me through some fabric to play with I was only to happy to get the sewing machine out and start creating. This gorgeous print is called Woodland Party and is so perfect for children. The gorgeous printed woodland characters all playing under the colourful bunting gives a fitting opportunity to create a very pretty tea party scene, which is just what I did for Etta.

With picnic mat, napkins, bunting and even a party crown all made out this beautiful fabric, it created an apt scene for a bit of play.

Making the set was simple; the mat and napkins were just hemmed simply and ready for play. The bunting I backed with a plain fabric and sewed onto lace ribbon and if you want to follow my fabric crown tutorial, you can make your own.

Giving our children opportunities to develop their imagination is a much needed skill. I set up all the toys and just left it then for the children to explore by themselves. The best way to have activities like this are to allow the children to play by themselves, not adult lead. They can then explore in a way that they want, allowing them to develop a story line in their own way.

Having made Etta this little set it is great for popping in a little bag enabling her to get it out whenever she pleases. She is the kind of girl who loves playing with her toy kitchen, so I hope that this will be a lovely extension of that.

If you would like to look at any more of the Woodland Party products that are available on the Sophie Allport website then head over and take a peak. Or if YOU fancy getting creative why not buy some of the lovely Woodland Party Fabric.


* Thank you to Sophie Allport for the fabric gifted to me for this post.

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