Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Bargain lip glosses that are actually good!

I must say, buying lip glosses is one of those occasional things for me. I love a bit of colour so lipstick is usually what I would use, as I find a gloss just comes off too easily.
I was rushing through our local Wilko the other day when I spotted that they had enlarged their make up department. Having a quick browse to see if they had an bargain pieces I picked up a lipstick gloss from their Essence range. It was just a light pink but when I got home and popped some on I was really pleased. The initial colour was really muted in shade but it painted on as a thick colour. Just like a lipstick really and I felt that it was more than just a gloss. Feeling very pleased with my £2.50 bargain I carried on my daily routine. Something that I noticed after cups of tea and food though was that it stayed really well, the colour faded but only slightly and it remained on my lips and was still moist. No drying, no smudging, just a perfect little lip colour. I was so pleased with the result that I went back and bought another 2 colours. At £2.50 each, compared to other brands at £5+, I think these little lipstick glosses are brilliant and actually one of the ones that last through the day.

You can only buy the glosses in store so next time you are in town pick up a few; you won't be disappointed!
Do you use any other good bargain brands?


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