Thursday, 1 October 2015

Updating your autumn jewelery wardrobe with Blondie Rocks.

I always say how many lovely opportunities I am having from starting this blog.
  Meeting small independent business owners is something I love because as much as I love brands, these stores often offer better products than your usual high stores.
I have met Blondie Rocks, a jewellery boutique, through instagram and absolutely love what they have to offer. Their statement necklaces and stackable bracelets really took my eye and with my ever changing wardrobe it seemed fitting to update with some pieces to inject a bit of Autumn glamour.

I wanted to share these pieces with you as I think they will update your jewellery draws with colour, sparkle and style.

If you love wearing your navy, burgundy and mustard colours this Blue Disco Ball necklace is perfect. I love blue especially in stripe form so wearing this with a simple striped top and suede skirt is a great way to add a a burst of colour and sparkle to your outfit.

Green is often so underrated but I can tell you know, I have read in so many places that green is going to be a big colour this A/W so why not get ahead of the game with this Emerald Dreams necklace. Even against this Zara scarf it stands out beautifully. Checked shirts and tartan skirts will really compliment the green and with a simple black dress as evening wear it will add a vintage glamour touch.

This Anemone Necklace is a lovely mix of blues and purples. With the range of shades I find it just sits perfectly on a plain jumper. A really nice way to to glam up jeans and a slouchy knit; the colours burst and make something ordinary look styled.

This necklace couldn't be more perfectly named. If you are only going to buy one necklace then The Autumn Necklace should be it. With a mix of every colour this necklace will go with anything, yes even a plain white tee! Talk about show stopper! It is huge and just full of gem shaped colours all stacked around an array of bronze and silver gem stones. This is seriously the one to have!

Just to give your neckline a rest some days, I think these rose gold coloured stacking bracelets are the perfect compliment to easy autumn styling. The Crystal Tip bangle is so sparkly and against the soft shade of the Double Pearl Bangle and the Heart and Ball, these three are a great combination. With silver and yellow gold colours availlable on the website, stacked mix bangles are going to look so good coming out the sleeves of chunky knits!

If you fancy a little treat why not head to the website and take a peek at all the other items that Blondie Rocks has to offer. And if you get to the checkout page use the discount code 'mamasblooms' for 25% off!

Thank you to Blondie Rocks for gifting me these items. They are truly gorgeous and I can't wait to wear them through the dull and cold months ahead!

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